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Meet Jay Elle Music: Brooklyn Butterfly

Being born and raised in New York City, the epicenter of Hip Hop, Jay Elle cultivated her unique urban sound organically, combining Hip Hop and Rhythm & Blues, with a mainstream feel. Being introduced to an array of music genres so early opened her up to different sounds which have influenced her vocally and creatively. Her powerful and soulful voice is hypnotic and her lower register is rich and seductive. The sprinkle of hip hop flavor makes for mix no music lover can refuse.

Jay Elle has released five mixtape projects including her debut Instafame made up of all original songs, a series: Radio 1&2 and tribute projects Notorious JAY and Notorious JAY Deluxe Edition. Jay Elle has released a new single called Waiting and she is currently working on two new projects: Radio 3 and an EP titled H.I.M.

Not just a singer, Jay Elle is also a songwriter and a natural-born entertainer with an incredible personality. This triple threat is a bombshell of talent. Jay Elle can only be described with two words; she is “an experience”.

The Hype decided to interview Jay Ellie and see what is going on with this powerhouse millenial:

Hype:  How has your upbringing in New York City influence you to become an entertainment powerhouse?

Jay: Wow. Growing up in New York City has probably had the biggest influence on me. I mean there’s so much talent, so much diversity, and so much innovation that has come out of New York. I grew up with a bunch of siblings and cousins, so entertainment was our go-to. We would have singing contests and dance contests. I remember in junior high school we would cut class to go in the bathroom to sing. We would go to the train stations and sing in Times Square. Man New York City is the city of dreams. You grow up with stars in your eyes and that just never left me, so I keep pushing for it.

Hype:  What is it about the entertainment/music industry that made you believe in your true calling as an artist?

Jay: I just always believed in myself. I wouldn’t say it’s anything in particular about the industry that makes me believe in myself. If anything, it’s the opposite. The industry is so crazy and so tough it can wear on your confidence like ‘damn am I good enough?’. But for me, my belief in myself came from being taught that as a child. Like you can do anything you want to do. If you love something, go after it and put you’re all into it and there’s no limit to what you can do. I mean there are times when you question yourself but for the most part, I know I’m a star. I always have been. Now it’s time for the rest of the world to recognize it.

Hype:  What has been the hardest obstacle thus far that has propelled you or held you back in your career?

Jay: The biggest obstacle for me I would say is having a strong team around to support everything it is you need to do musically. Right now, is the era of the independent artists and to make that work you got to have people there who can do whatever it is that you need. It’s hard to find that. It’s hard getting the right people. It’s hard-trusting people and its hard-getting people to see the vision that you see for yourself.

Hype:  What advice would you give to anyone that is wanting to follow their dreams in the entertainment/music industry?

Jay: Awe man, my biggest piece of advice would be two things: 1. be true to yourself. Don’t change who you are for anybody and number 2. Work, work, work. Put that work in. Work harder than you ever have in your life and don’t quit.

Hype: What should we expect from Ms. Jay Elle in the near future? New music/videos?

Jay: Yes of course. I’m working on an EP right now. I don’t have a title for it yet but it’s going to be 5 songs. Definitely a vibe. Something dope you know, good energy, a little slick talk. But I’m excited about that. I’m shooting a video for one of the singles from the EP. The song is called No Man. That song has fun vibes, you know. So that’s coming soon and a few other things too you know. Doing some writing and other ventures so definitely more to come from me in the near future.


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