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Son Of A Legend: Lil Soulja Slim Bears The Name and Hustle of His Late Great Father, “It’s In My Blood!”

Lil Soulja Slim embodies all of the qualities that his iconic father had and still the grind doesn’t stop. He’s determined to keep the name alive while carving out his own legacy!

During the 90’s and early 2000’s, there wasn’t a more prominent figure on the southern rap scene than the late great, Soulja Slim. The “Cut Throat Comitty” CEO was not only one of the most sort after rappers from the south, but his street cred was also intact. Slim was gunned down in 2003 at just 26 years old. However, on September 21st, 1995, Slim produced a son. Lil Soulja Slim is committed to keeping his father’s legacy alive while creating his own path through the music biz. He has already cemented his work ethic in the game as one of the hardest grinders out there. Lil Soulja Slim has released EP’s, “Streets Cold” and “Inconsiderate.” He’s also released 3-albums, “Soulja Slim Reincarnated,” “The Streets Raised Me,” and “Slim Reaper.” Now linked with top tier, Florida based manager, Jay Perrier, Slim looks to take his career to the next level.

I recently caught up with the New Orleans native to discuss his “Slim Reaper” album, potential move to the west coast and much more!

What’s up with you? How are you doing?

Lil Soulja Slim: Everything cool. I’m outchea in L.A. right now trying to work.

I like how you are making your own imprint in the game. You carry your pops name, but you really don’t try to live off his style or anything. But you definitely seem to have his work ethic.

Lil Soulja Slim: Right! I’ve been doing my own thing for so long, ya feel me, that’s just going to come with it. I ain’t never really go off nobody else guidance, ya feel me.

You were only 7 or 8 years old when, Soulja Slim was killed. Does your grind come from researching him and seeing how he put in work or is it just in you?

Lil Soulja Slim: It’s just in me. It’s in my blood. I been doing this shit, ya know what I’m saying. Music and everything, I’ve been hustling for a long time. I went to school, ya feel me and my first major was in accounting and then I went from accounting to marketing and business management. So, I just understand business. It’s not like I’m just an ordinary rapper.

You recently dropped, “Slim Reaper.” Everyone needs to check that album out. You put in some good work on that project. I have listened to pretty much all of your work and it seems like you are finding your groove and getting better each time out. Do you feel as though you are improving with each project?

Lil Soulja Slim: Yeah! I really like… by the time I be done dropped my album or whatever project I be working on; I already be damn near finished with the next project. So, I had been wrapped that. With me, it’s like, “Damn, this bitch hard. I gotta hurry up and put this out because my other shit way harder. I really want people to hear this other shit, but I ain’t gon sleep on this one.” That’s just the type of work ethic I have. That’s the type of grind I be on. I’m just all about working.

You also released the, “Son Of Soulja Slim Documentary.” I love seeing you not only get so much love from the city, but from all the OG’s. That’s something that is earned, and you have seemed to accomplish that.

Lil Soulja Slim: Shit, that’s who raised me. All of the OG’s that you talking about and them niggaz that’s on the documentary, them the niggaz that I got my hustle from. They raised me. My pops was dead, so I was outchea with these niggaz and these niggaz was already fucking with my paw, so they already know how he was rocking and I’m already knowing how they rocking. They want to guide me in the right direction. They don’t want me bonked out outchea.

You are keeping the, “Cut Throat Comitty” brand alive. How important is it to you to continue that legacy?

Lil Soulja Slim: It was some technical difficulties with trying to keep it together, but eventually it was undeniable because I’m the only person that’s really putting that grind out and putting that work down. I have to go from state to state to state by myself and with niggaz that was from other places. Not even with just niggaz that was from my city, ya know what I’m saying. I started doing that shit on my own. I came to Florida and met, Jay [manager, Jay Perrier] nem, it was just me and my cousin. My cousin used to shoot my videos. We dipped out. I’m outchea in L.A. right now. I ain’t outchea with nobody. I’m just outchea; ya heard me.

Doing your thing.

Lil Soulja Slim: Yeah… on some real shit, I’m really on some trying to move outchea shit. I came, I booked one way, nigga got a rental. I’m just outchea. I’m trying to find a spot.

I was actually going to ask you if you saw yourself getting out of New Orleans anytime soon. I guess that’s my answer.

Lil Soulja Slim: Right now, I’m out on bond, so I gotta get the fuck. Man… it’s been a rough year for me with the police. The police don’t fuck with me like that. I need to be somewhere where I can do my thing, still make money and still do music. I was going to move to Miami, but fuck, I’ll be in Miami spending more money then I’ll be making, so I came outchea because I already had something going on. I already be back and forth outchea.

You work with other legends from New Orleans’ son’s like, Lil Juve the son of Juvenile and T.Y. the son of B.G. I like to see that.

Lil Soulja Slim: We really came up in this shit together. I been knowing, T.Y. since I was 13. That was before either one of us was rapping. That bitch was there when I was hit. When I was just selling $5 bags of weed. He was washing cars. We were young. When it come to that, that’s just genuine love. When it comes to, Juve, I met him when I was like 17. That’s when I met, Young Juve and we just clicked. We always went to the studio, did stupid shit together, fuck hoes together. Real potna shit. They like my brothers. That’s genuine shit. But I fuck with other legends sons too. I fuck with, Rocko son. It’s other people I fuck with too. I just be on this shit because I feel like I’m a big dawg. A lot of people don’t be knowing how to go about doing certain shit and I do. That’s why I be reaching out and pluggin in.

You would be surprised how many people would avoid it because they trying to hoard the success or the attention, so I respect you always willing to work with these other cats and ya’ll collab together on a regular.

Lil Soulja Slim: Yeah, let’s bust it open. Let’s open up some new shit and do something different. That’s just how my mind think.

I see you hopped on that, Juvenile, “Follow Me Now.”

Lil Soulja Slim: You know uncle my favorite rapper growing up. Unc was my favorite rapper. I did the, “Follow Me Now” beat because I knew I was taking that trip to the Virgin Islands and I really wanted to shoot a video out there. I was like, “I’m going outchea, a nigga gotta put this shit together.” I was trying to get producers. I was like, “Man, send me beats.” I wanted some different type shit. Like some Caribbean vibin shit; some different shit. I went through like 10-songs and then I just dropped that freestyle on em. People were like, “Shit, this the one right here. This is the one you gotta fuck with. This what you gotta shoot.” That wasn’t even me. It was just the positive niggaz that I had around me who were like, “This is right here. Fuck an original song, shoot this.”

On the, “Slim Reaper” album you salute some real OG’s on there. You have a dedication to C-Murder and a song named, “Telly Hankton.” If you are from Louisiana you definitely know both of those names. Do you keep tabs with, C?

Lil Soulja Slim: Yep! Man… see right now I got open charges, so I’m off his visitation list. I’m off, C visitation list, but I got pictures where I just recently went and seen him like a year ago. That was last year, but it’s been a rough year this year. You can’t go to prisons when you got open charges and shit.

How is he holding up?

Lil Soulja Slim: He straight. I still be hollering at him on the phone. I still got the JPay shit on my phone.

It’s important today to have visuals out, the “Son Of Soulja Slim,” documentary over 170,000 hits in 3-months. Can we expect more things like that from you?

Lil Soulja Slim: Man brudda, believe it or not, all that shit was old. I been filming shit like that. When I was filming that I was 16. I just be putting that shit out late. When I started I ain’t never stopped. I don’t have anything recently, but the latest one I filmed I was like 21. I’m 23 now about to be 24. I was like 21 or 22 on that one, you feel what I’m saying. When I was in the Virgin Islands when I did the, “Follow Me Now,” joint, I was doing some lil shit out there. I really got like 5-different lil webisodes/documentaries type shits that’s like 20-something minutes a piece.

Shout out to my man, Jay Perrier. Congratulations on all of your success, I wish you the best moving forward, and this is definitely the first of many interviews between us. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Lil Soulja Slim: Just follow me on Instagram @lilsouljaslim, you already know, tap in.


Be sure to download, Lil Soulja Slim’s recent project, “Slim Reaper” which is available on all digital streaming platforms.

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