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Undefeated, Blair “The Flair” Cobbs Prefers Risky Rise To The Top!

Philadelphia’s, Blair “The Flair” Cobbs is 11-0-1 with 7 wins by way of knockout. He looks to stay unbeaten on August 22nd against fellow unbeaten, Steve Villalobos (11-0-1) 9 knockouts.

Blair Cobbs flamboyant persona jumps out at you and so does his fighting abilities. Known for his, Ric Flair [hence the moniker “The Flair”] yells of, “Whooo,” the undefeated Las Vegas fighter by way of Philadelphia has steadily been making waves in the boxing world and is becoming a force to be reckoned with in the welterweight division; the division known as the hottest in the sport of boxing. It has not been an easy road for, Cobbs. One would think being from the fighting city of Philadelphia would be enough to garner attention and ascend to stardom. That wasn’t the case for the 29-year old southpaw. He relocated to Las Vegas another fight town, joined former fighter, Bones Adams and Prince Ranch Boxing and only then did things begin to look up. On August 22nd he will face his second undefeated fighter in his last 3-bouts in Steve Villalobos. A fight that, Cobbs refers to as his toughest to date, but he’s game for the task and understands that with chasing greatness comes great risks.

Check out what else he had to say about his journey, his upcoming fight and much more!

August 22nd, you return to the ring against undefeated, Steve Villalobos. How has training camp been?

Blair Cobbs: I feel great.  My camp is going great.  My trainers Bones Adams and Brandon Woods are doing a great job with my development.  Everything is going great.

You guys have almost identical records. You are 11-0-1 with 7-knockouts and he is 11-0-1 with 9-knockouts. What do you feel will be the thing that separates the two of you in the ring?

Blair Cobbs:  Its going to come down to who has the most dog in him, and best believe I’m going all in.

You busted your last opponent [Robert Redmond Jr.] up pretty good. You were able to get a 6th round stoppage. At this stage in your career, how important is it to not only win these fights, but to look spectacular in doing so?

Blair Cobbs: Its very important to look good in my opinion.  The fans want to see excitement when they watch boxing, so I always try to put on a show.  If you’ve seen me fight, then you know I’m an exciting fighter to watch, and If you haven’t seen me yet, it’s time to start.

Villalobos will be your second undefeated fighter in 3-bouts and Redmond only had one defeat. Is this just a sign of your willingness to fight anyone out there and take on all comers?

Blair Cobbs: These are the step-up fights I need to get ranked, so I’m ready to fight anyone they put in front of me.  You must take risks in this sport to be rewarded.  My road has not been easy, so this is business as usual.

Do you pay attention to his high knockout ratio or do you feel like he just hasn’t faced the type of opposition you have or the caliber of fighter that you are?

Blair Cobbs:  Hey man, this guy has a high KO rate because he can punch. No matter what the level of competition is he’s faced. I know this will probably be my toughest fight, but I’m willing to take these risks.  I have confidence in my ability as a world-class fighter to come out on top.

Have you been able to see some footage on him or do you not care to watch your opponents leading up to the fight?

Blair Cobbs:  Nope, I leave all that up to my trainers.  I’ll make my adjustments in the ring if need be.  But I’m always going to impose my will on my opponent.

There are not many people that will leave the fighting city of Philadelphia to relocate to Vegas which is a fight town in itself obviously. Why was this move important to you?

Blair Cobbs:  Man, my journey to Las Vegas was a long and hard road.  I had to drive my broken Cadillac straight to Las Vegas with no pit stops.  I wasn’t getting any fights, so I took my chances and headed off.  When I got to Vegas, I started training with Bones Adams, and my career took off.

PC: What are you looking to showcase on the 22nd? Is there anything you have been working on that we can expect to see show on fight night?

Blair Cobbs:  I’ve been working on setting up my shots more.  I’m tying to throw more combinations with pinpoint accuracy.  You guys will see on fight night.

I wish you the best of luck and we will speak after the fight. Is there anything you would like to add or anyone you would like to thank before I let you go?

Blair Cobbs: I’m ready to give the fans a reason to follow me when I step in the ring on August 22nd.  I want to thank my manager, Greg Hannley of Prince Ranch Boxing.  I want to thank all my stablemates at the gym, and I also want to thank the fans who continue to follow me as I ascend to the top of the boxing world.

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