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Published on September 30th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


Shenna Shows Vulnerability In New Single, “Blue Memories”

Pop-singer Shenna has achieved a number of impressive feats since beginning her career. Getting featured in some of music’s biggest blogs, her songs receiving TV placements on MTV and Oxygen, to recently being added to the All Things Go Fall Classic lineup right before she gears up for a tour in Japan, Shenna is seeing her dreams come to fruition.

Shenna has been working towards this dream for quite some time. Her first EP was aptly titled, Dream In Color, and fans have seen vibrant hues from Shenna’s diverse and ever-evolving pop sound. Her debut album, Made Of Gold, achieved over 200,000 streams and a feature on the Spotify Weekly playlist. Yet for this release Shenna explores a new color, and offers a retrospective on her career and life since starting music at a young age.

“Blue Memories” takes a look at the lengths artists go to be perfect and to achieve success. On the single Shenna says, “a lot of artists will change their identities in order to get attention for their career rather than the music itself.” “Blue Memories” asks for artists and everyone to not be so critical with themselves and be happy with who they really are.

The single is off of upcoming EP, Blue Memories which is set to be released October 11th. “When I started, many people in the music industry wanted to sell a sexualized image of me and refined me to only slow R&B jams. Nothing is wrong with being sexy, but being put into that role wasn’t me and I felt forced into a box. Blue Memories is my process in expressing myself through my own voice, instead of those around me.”

Blue Memories features six tracks that will tackle depression and look at the ways social media and celebrities can foster an artificial environment that perpetuates low self-esteem. 

Listen to the single below:

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