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A Day in Vegas Music Festival

Earlier this year it was announced that it would be a 3 day music festival to see all your favorite artist from all over the country in one place. Tickets for the weekend ended up selling within the first few hours. I was honored to be allowed to cover the festival for this publication. When I arrived on Friday morning it seemed to be already over 20 thousand people waiting at the gate to get in and see the opening acts. There was three stages and it was a nightmare as usual trying to get in an out of the pits to make to the next stage to shoot the other artist sets, but only because there were so many people. There was crowd surfing by fans and artists all weekend long and accompanied by endless mosh pits. There was no disappointment on Friday as the day went on. Every artist was on time for their sets and gave a good performance. My favorite performer that night was J.Cole, who also headlined on Friday. He came out with a fantastic visual set basically setting the stage for his supposed new album Fall Off 2020, which is a double entendre for the political climate coming in the 2020 Presidential election in the United States. As i stood on my tippy toes and peeked out in the the crowd there was just a sea of cell phone lights and bobbing heads at first. Then the lights got low and J.Cole really dug deep in the crates and preformed some of hits early on in his career and that’s when the mosh pits from all over the festival grounds seemed to just light up.

The next day, Saturday November 2nd, had even more people there. The fans at first were a little bit disheartened because Travis Scott was not performing but they understood the circumstances of reports saying that he had sustained a broken leg the week prior while performing and that he would not be performing. The Golden Voice team did a good job with the quality of replacements that they had on Saturday.  The days were a perfect 75 degrees but the night time it dropped down in to the low 50’s within a matter of minutes as soon as dusk came in. All of the performers were really good. Migos performed with a crazy set. Most people didnt even expect them to show up on time because they were in Long Beach California at ComplexCon earlier that day, but they came and gave the people what they waited to see. They had Future replace Travis Scott as the headliner and he sure did deliver a high caliber performance, but by far the best performance that day was Da Baby. Da Baby is on his way to the top as a show performer. Not only is he not afraid to crowd surf, crowd dive, but he climbs on the sound equipment and will go 20 ft up in the air while still rapping.

The final day, Sunday November 3rd, it seemed to be all 60 thousand people pouring through the gates at a chance to get to the front so that they can whip out their phones and record and watch their favorite artists perform. I was a bit disappointed that we were unable to take pictures if Kendrick or Tyler the Creator’s sets but as the day went on I had almost forgot about it because there was a flare of so many artists. Sunday definitely had a different feel. There was more people but the acts were so good that it just seemed to all flow together. Almost everyone from the TDE (Top Dawg Entertainment) was on the bill for Sunday and they did not disappoint. Megan The Stallion had her set time switched from Friday to Sunday and she hands down was my favorite performer of the night. She brought both men and women on stage from the crowd and played along with her song Simon Says. She has just a strong energy presence and its a sight to see in person. Before the close of the night Kendrick Lamar performance was almost only viewable by the jumbo-trons because there was so many people all over. I watched him perform and almost everyone in the crowd lip by lip and word by word perform the song with him for 45 minutes. As he closed his set and put an end to the festival, Kendrick ended it an true Las Vegas spirit with a 5 minute barrage of fireworks and pyrotechnics. I really enjoyed myself and I hope they hurry up and announce next year’s line up.

Check out some of these photos from the weekend.:

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