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Published on November 20th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


Chris Tuttle Releases Self-Titled Debut Album

Chris Tuttle is introducing his cinematic new music to the world with the release of his DEBUT solo album as an electronic-acoustic musician. The self-titled album hit streaming services over the weekend (November 15th) and has unapologetically launched Tuttle’s music into the ears of fans. After hearing and supporting his single releases teasing this album earlier in the year, we were eager to hear the full album for ourselves….

Beginning the album with the first single that he debuted, Tuttle immediately sets a fast-paced groove that becomes the essence of “Silent Stars”. It isn’t long before we begin hearing a delicate piano melody shining through – the quintessential piece of all of Tuttle’s music. Tuttle goes on to one of his more popular tracks, “City Lights”, and sets a different type of groove – one that seems to have more soul right from the start. “Overload” comes in quite differently, with a drastic change in the beginning. Quiet and subtle, yet still engaging, Tuttle takes his experimental music a step further by mixing eclectic electronic riffs with interspersed sound effects throughout. “Overload” is best described as an exploratory tiptoe through Tuttle’s imagined soundscape, and might be our favorite song from the tracklist. Tuttle continues on to “Ocean View” his last single release before the album debuted. “Ocean View” relies heavily on Tuttle’s piano skills and sets the stage for a relaxed, focused atmosphere. “The Falls” is delicate – a track that stealthily winds its way into the backdrop of the listener’s mind. “Arps in Love” takes an ominous tone before settling into an upbeat, energetic melody that somehow seems like a heartbeat that effortlessly beats until the end of the track. “Sierra” is calm and ethereal, and almost feels like walking through a foggy forest, looking to see what’s through the trees. “Off The Grid” brings Tuttle’s debut album to a conclusion…. One that is a definite final piece but leaves the listener wondering at what the next installment of the story will be.

Instrumentally, the album is intriguing with layered electronic elements and piano melodies that craft a unique soundscape for the listener. It’s easy to see influences of big-time modern artists peeping through as Tuttle draws similarities to electronica artists like that of Bonobo. With an album that promotes active listening to be able to find all the nuances, Chris Tuttle has set the bar high with his first release and we can’t wait to see what’s next.


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