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Published on November 20th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


Jank Setup Reveal an Introverted Side With New Single, ‘Shy’

Jank Setup are an energetic group deriving from the heart of America’s New Orleans. From the start, they have embodied an exhilarating level of chaos in their musical narrative. The group quickly built a reputation in their hometown as requested live music at raucous college house parties. Having delved into the world of recording, their newest single, Shy, explores a raw and undiscovered side to the group.

Since 2017, Jank Setup have played an impressive run of shows with their intoxicating party atmosphere. Their music boasts a powerful mix of velvety vocal lines, delicious grooves and unfathomable instrumental skill. After their first vocal-heavy extravaganza, In Motion, Jank Setup followed with the impressively infectious Can’t I. It oozes sophisticated brass and intricate percussion  – something that’s become a trademark for Jank Setup.

Fabulously unpredictable, Shy is centred around the quieter facet within you. Jank Setup have laced this track with their immense vocal ability. The smooth bass line lulls the listener into a delicious sense of security. Playful, yet sophisticated, Shy is another masterful piece of work that illustrates just how musically infused this group are.

Jank Setup says: “Shy calls out to the person inside each of us who struggles to find the strength to release their inhibition. Love is out there in every form – you just gotta open your eyes and grab it.”

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