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Meet Warner Records’ Young Lion SKYXXX

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Back Story – Dropping infectious rhymes and flaunting fashion-forward fatigues, SKYXXX pushed a punchy new paradigm for hip-hop on his debut for Warner Records. Of Dominican descent, the New York-born and Orlando-based rapper went from corner battle rapping as a kid to earning early viral success with “Bangk” in 2013. A string of independent solo projects followed, including the And Then The Moon Fell and the Sixxxty EP. 2018 saw him turn up on Hellbound Radio, which Elevator proclaimed, “a captivating composition from the enigmatic young MC as he continues to elevate his sound.” In 2019, the momentum ramped up further with a deal from Warner Records and high-profile collaborations such as Slushii’s “Run Up The Block.” SKYXXX made his formal debut with the incendiary and irresistible single “Hotboy. Over a sparse beat, he vaults from gruff and nimble verses into the hypnotic hook. Fusing timeless bars and 21st-century swagger, SKYXXX ultimately builds what he calls “the bridge of classic rap and the new era.”

The Hype Magazine got SKYXXX to weigh in on a few things

From the outside looking in, who is the artist SKYXXX?

“So, who am I? From the outside looking in? SKYXXX is me, I am SKYXXX permanently. Whoever I was convinced I was before I evolved into SKYXXX is long gone. SKYXXX? I’ll make it simple. I’m just a guy trying to become the best man I could be. I used to take the bullets for people I believed in because I knew it would kill whoever I took the bullets for until I realized I shouldn’t be around people that would let me get shot. SKYXXX is a good man, not a bad man but a man that knows bad so well he now appreciates the little bit of good that actually exists.”

What brought you to the entertainment industry, music specifically?

“Now as far as what brought me into the entertainment industry. Shit, I honestly just love recording moments, thoughts, feelings and experiences. I make music I feel I myself want to hear and feel. Every “rapper” has a dream I guess. The dream of being a “STAR”. I never did. I mean, of course I hoped to make it somewhere with my work. But here? Where I am now? NEVER in my life would I have expected what’s fcuking happening to me right now. My partners/management team are literally the fcuking top dogs at Warner – tell me I’m a superstar. If you ask me, I still don’t get it… I never look in the mirror at myself and see a “SUPERSTAR”. I could add about 10 more very well known and influential names that have said it to me as well but yeah. They tell me “stars” have to act like “superstars” and “superstars” don’t even know what they are, they just are. I guess…but now that I’m here. I’m going to represent “US”. Simply and honestly. I come from the FLA UG and I’d be lying if I said our culture is about giving any fcuks. I want to show the world how beautiful not giving a fcuk is if you don’t give a fcuk the right way.”

You just dropped your official debut on Warner Records, has your success had time to marinate and settle on you yet?

“I made HOTBOY a year before we released with Warner. I had the video done about 5 months before I even showed it to anybody. I know what it is, I know what I make songs for and I know what they can become because I know how to judge myself critically. As far as my success? Yeah, my team and I have a few records set already me being from Orlando. A place that always seems to get looked over so that’s cool but… I still feel normal. That signing bonus def made me feel like I did something with my life because I can show my daughter that dreams aren’t dreams. You can actually live them if you choose to wake up. I know what got me here but I put myself back in the “student’s desk.” This is the major leagues and I can finally feel comfortable doing what I love. I have a lot of work to do, I have to leave my mark. I have fun but I’m focused. This is my job and I take it seriously so I think what we consider “success” will never marinate for me because success to me is becoming the best artist I can be. All that other shit people get out of getting signed doesn’t lift me. Lasting is the high I’m chasing.”

Tell us about your current project./What’s on your slate to kick off the new decade 2020?!

“My current project? Well here’s all I’m going to say about that. We’re looking to drop a 6-7 track EP early 2020 and so far I’ve made close to 45 songs or song references since signing in July. The project is going to be different. Refreshing and at the same time menacing. “

Tell us a bit about your work and passions OUTSIDE of music…

“My only passion outside of music is my brand LOCALTRASH and that’s top-secret for now.”

Last but not least, HYPE wants to know…What’s your CRAZIEST “Where they do that at?!” aka WTF?! moment…

“This last question is hard to answer lol. I’m from FLA, where “WTF?” Moments happen damn near every day. I mean shit…. I’ve been writing music since 6 am and now doing this interview while watching normal humans in traffic going about their business. It’s 11:45 AM now and I’m about to get ready to lay down and finally get some rest.”



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