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Published on November 17th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


OC3ANEYES Releases “Fish Feels”

Shari Tolcher known as OC3ANEYES is an electro-pop-rapper from Adelaide, South Australia. Her name originating from Billie Eilishs hit song “Ocean Eyes”. She started rapping in 2009 and later started music classes; connected to Northern Sound System in 2016. This gave her the opportunity to work alongside N1 Records with her music. OC3ANEYES is currently working alongside SEE OH!

With sounding and inspiration of Mallrat, Allday, Billie Eilish and Oh Boy. From this she began collaborating, working and writing with artists such as MANE, Strict face, Naomi Keytes , Mario späte and K21. Further into the future OC3ANEYES hopes to dominate the festival scene with her first two singles “Frozen Coke” and “Fish Feels” both produced by Mario Späte. 

Fish Feels is a song that holds stories of so many scenarios that would happen to the youth in Adelaide whenever someone held a house party. It describes a love scene that gets almost destroyed because I felt alone when my significant other would replace me at these parties with random strangers. 

OC3ANEYES has had success in the local music scene with her debut single “Frozen Coke” reaching 40,000 streams on Spotify and performances at HQ complex, Scouted 2019 and opening for ChillinIt at Northern Sound System. 

Listen to “Fish Feels” here:[wpdevart_like_box 

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