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Published on November 20th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


Samuel Jack Strikes Again With ‘We Are The Future’

Samuel Jack has yet again given listeners another exceptional track to add to our playlists and we can’t get enough. ‘We Are The Future’ highlights the musicians love for hip hop and poetry, combining the best of both worlds to produce a distinct track exploding with passion and politics.

Jack shares, “We need some new energy in the influential offices of our world and it’s not coming from the top… it’s gonna have to come from a new grassroots generation. Bottom up. I look at the kids coming into the world today and I just feel like we need to do better. We need to shout louder and work harder and make real changes to how we do things. Just stop being fucking selfish you know. We are THEIR future. We need to be the change and not stand down”

During the past few months Jack has been creating a whirlwind dropping releases left right and centre, hit after hit and he has yet to disappoint. Recent singles ‘In My Head’ and ‘Feels Like Summer’ showcased the songwriters ability to create incredibly catchy music, with meaning and substance. In fact much of Jack’s music carries deeper meaning, with lyrics that narrate stories and life lessons and it’s these storytelling lyricism that has been garnering the musician such acclaim.




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