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Detroit’s, Black Catt Talks About his Single, “Ayyyyy” And Upcoming album, “New York Minute.”

Black Catt gets an assist from Ballout from GloGang for his hot new single, “Ayyyyy.”

Detroit has never had a shortage of hot music. Whether it’s Motown, Rock, R&B or rap, the “Motor City” has held its own in all genre’s musically. Up and comer, Black Catt plans to keep that trend going. A catchy sound and trademark look, Catt brings high energy lyrics and beats to match his signature cat mask that he wears during performances. That energy jumps through the speakers in his new single, “Ayyyyy” featuring Ballout. “Ayyyyy” is just a taste of what you can expect on his mid-December project titled, “New York Minute.” “New York Minute” follows, Black’s first release, “90 Days In Atlanta,” which he dropped in 2018.

During our recent convo, Black Catt talks about touring with, Chief Keef, his upcoming album and his trademark look.

How are you feeling, man?

Black Catt: I’m good, I’m good. Getting ready to drop some more music. In the process of getting this, “New York Minute” started.

I love the single, “Ayyyyy.” How did you link up with, Ballout and put that together?

Black Catt: Man, it started when I was touring with, Chief [Keef] on the west coast. Everybody was just talking about me and my mask. I went out to New York, I started doing, “Ayyyyy” and it’s like, Ballout would be the perfect fit. We flew out to L.A. linked up in the studio and went crazy on it.

You gotta explain the cat thing and the mask (laughing)…

Black Catt: (Laughing). So, funny fact, somebody was telling me, “You should be, Black Catt.” I was like, “Nah man, I’m not feeling it.” I was sitting in the car when I was talking to him and then all of a sudden, these cats started crawling in front of my apartment. All these cats just started coming out. And he was like, “Look, look at them cats!” And I was like, “That’s a sign in itself.” I felt like we had to do it at that point. I’m real active when I perform and I jump around a lot, so I knew I didn’t want to wear glasses or something like that, so we did the mask. It kind of represents my double life; Clark Kent and Superman or Peter Parker and Spiderman.

What have you learned from being on tour with, Chief Keef?

Black Catt: I learned how to do more interaction with the fans. I learned that from, Chief. Also, his DJ has a lot of energy and my DJ… after the first show, I was like, “Yo, his DJ brings this energy.” I just learned how to perform better, and it helps me in the studio too. When I’m making music, I think like, how would this sound and look performing it? Touring with Keef was fire because when they are there, they are ready. You just gotta see the crowd, “Faneto” comes on and they just go crazy.

It seems like, “Ayyyyy” got a really good reception when you performed that in Boston. The energy was real good.

Black Catt: Yeah! Boston was my first time performing that song. The energy was so high, I ended up performing it again. They caught wind of it, and they were like, “Oh,” and they started singing it with me. It was just a good feeling. That, “Ayyyyy” is just a whole vibe in itself; representing Atlanta but making it in New York.

You gave us, “90 Days in Atlanta,” and you’re coming with, “New York Minute.” How do you feel like, “New York Minute” differs from, “90 Days?”

Black Catt: “90 Days” was short and had a different inspiration. I have definitely grown as an artist. It’s more melody, deeper cuts, more records for the streets, for the clubs and for the ladies. I definitely have grown as an artist. I was going to do another short project, but when I went out to New York, I got the inspiration. I was chilling on this rooftop, and this guy was telling me something. And all of a sudden, I remember hearing this beat, and I remember just being like, “Ah man, we gotta stop talking, I just want to go in and freestyle it.” And that’s how, “Ayyyyy” came about and we just got it started.

This album sounds like it’s a lot more diverse than your first one. Was that an important aspect for you to come with something for all genre’s and genders?

Black Catt: It was extremely important. I think it’s dope when people make cohesive projects. I don’t want it to just be filtered for a mood. Like, “I’m going to listen to this when I’m riding out.” I have stuff that you can ride out to, chill with a lady to it, or if you going through something. I feel like it’s extremely important to touch on everything. You’re showing everybody who you are as a person. I do a lot. I’m in this relationship in these clubs with strippers. It’s real crazy.

Are you going heavy with the features on, “New York Minute,” or is this album mostly you?

Black Catt: Actually, I have my boy, Oso on it. He is an up and coming artist from Detroit. I made this after I did the first tour with, Keef. We were working on a track. I was actually trying to get at his sister, trying to flirt or something. And I was like, “You want to hop on this?” And my other boy was like, “Nah, put Oso on it.” Oso was like, “Yeah, I’ll do it.” Oso did it and I was like, “Oh wow,” it was so crazy because he killed it. He did his thing with it. So, I was like, “We gotta have him on the record. Keep him on it.”

Detroit has always been known to have great musicians. I’m sure you are looking to keep that torch lit for years to come.

Black Catt: Definitely! Each project I’m naming different cities. You got “90 Days In Atlanta,” and now you got, “New York Minute,” but it’s so many people in my city, that you can go different places. You don’t want to get stuck at some point. But everything about me is Detroit. I’m running with it and trying to inspire. It’s like I’m taking my fans on a journey.

I was going to ask you if it was by design to have a city or state in your album titles.

Black Catt: Yeah definitely! The first one… when I moved out to Atlanta, I was like, my life changes every 3 months. so, I felt like 90 days was appropriate. “New York Minute” was when I had my first show with, Keef. We missed out on a call. We were up till like 4 in the morning rehearsing. Keef and his people called at like 5 something and invited us to the studio. We were sleep, man. It was like, French Montana and DMX there. And when we called at like 9 in the morning like, “Yo, what’s going on?” They were like, “New York Minute.” I think my next one, I might go to Houston. You never know.

What can people who are trying to get familiar with you or who are already following the journey expect when they hear a, Black Catt record?

Black Catt: A lot of vibes, a lot of experiences. Right now, we’re getting the engine warmed up. We’re going to go full throttle in terms of, a lot of Quotables and Instagram captions for sure. I consider myself a comedian, nobody else does though (laughing). A lot of funny lines, real moments; a mixed bag. In music… there are a few people doing it but showing a vulnerable side as well. That’s why it’s important to be diverse. You can expect a club record, a woman record, a lot of different things; it can be about life and family. You never know.

I appreciate the interview, homie. Can’t wait for, “New York Minute.” Is there anything else you want to add?

Black Catt: Thanks for the interview; all love.


Rick Kelley (Black Catt’s manager): I just wanted to add, we got some good projects coming out. More tour dates with, Chief. We’re also in conversation to link up with, YG in L.A. to do some of his tour dates as well. We have a good relationship with him; some people with, Snoop Dogg as well. Just letting the fans know we have more coming. This album is going to be like night and day from “90 Days.” “New York Minute,” like he was saying was inspired by missing that opportunity with, French… it was actually, French Montana, Swizz Beatz, DMX and Chief in the studio at that time. We were out there doing tours and we missed that opportunity. We look to take it to the next level. We got a few record labels that is knocking at the door right now. The fans are picking it up. “Ayyyyy” is doing real good, but we got way more material on the way. It’s like night and day and this project is going to be a banger and definitely a different kind of feeling from the, “90 Days In Atlanta.”





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