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‘ICY’ Facial Inspired by Disney’s Frozen 2 Hits Hollywood

Hollywood’s most respected board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Jason Emer, is known for pioneering some of the most advanced treatment modalities in his field. Timed to the premiere of FROZEN 2, Dr. Jason Emer and his skilled esthetician, Shekinah Garner, have developed THE ENCHANTED FROZEN FACIAL. This carefully-curated, signature facial consists of lymphatic drainage, massage with ice globes, electrolyte infused hyaluronic acid HydroJelly mask, exfoliation with crushed diamond tip abrasion pad, frosty concentrates, chilled moisturizers, blue ice crystals and liquid nitrogen (dry ice effect). This 60 minute, 8-step facial delivers skin-revitalizing effects only found in the kingdom of Arendelle, until now!


STEP 1: Cleanse
Removes impurities and prepares skin for products to follow
Contains willow bark, sugarcane, and chamomile flower extract with antioxidants

STEP 2: Deep cleanse using an exfoliant combined with a sonic skincare device
This mask exfoliates with cellulose and vitamin B microbeads, salicylic acid, papaya enzymes, and pineapple enzymes
Instantly smooths and polishes skin, gives the appearance of smaller pores, improves the appearance of blemish prone skin, and visibly improves signs of aging
A sonic skincare device manipulates the pores with sonic vibration, allowing impurities to be removed from them

STEP 3: Crushed diamond tip exfoliation with frosty concentrates
Used with an Icy cold fluid that brightens and tightens the skin. The crushed diamond abrasion pad gently sloughs off dead cells while the liquid formula is pushed into the pores, swirled around, then sucked out — essentially washing the the pores out like a tiny, wet vacuum

STEP 4: Cooling Masque
Soothes irritated skin, reduces UV-induced erythema, and calms the skin.
Ice Globes massage the skin and push this mask deeper into the skin for maximum benefit

STEP 5: Electrolyte Infused HydroJelly Mask
Loaded with water-binding Hyaluronic Acid which promotes superior moisture retention.
Promotes collagen synthesis to retain skin elasticity and firmness

STEP 6: Cooling Serum
Provides intensive hydration soothes and cools irritated skin
Menthol makes it great for blemish-prone skin

STEP 7: Moisturizer Massage
Contains bioidentical Copper Tripeptide Growth Factor and Superoxide Dismutase to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
STEP 8: Liquid Nitrogen

Seals in serums and moisture
Extends the lifespan of the healthy cells
Temporarily slows the aging process
Tightens pores

Soothes inflammation
Can lighten acne scars/hyperpigmentation
Restores firmness, glow, radiance
Reduces uneven pigmentation
Improves texture and tone and rejuvenates skin

Cost: $300
Location: Emerage Medical in West Hollywood

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