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Published on December 3rd, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


Prime Sinister Releases Feisty New Video for Faithful, on Top of New Album

This new album, Patient Zero, marks the second large body of work for up and coming hip hop artist Prime Sinister. This 23-year-old Londoner is looking to flip the genre completely on its head. The pinnacle video for the album, Prime Time, embodies Prime Sinister’s insistent drive for elaborate musical creativity within it’s powerful black and white visuals.

Inspired by the eruption of hip hop in London during the 00’s, Prime Sinister drew from artists like Dizzie Rascal, as well as burrowing amongst layers of underground sounds. Whilst expanding his writing skill, this young creative found him self studying Journalism and integrating life in the musical realms.

His first album, Riot Gear For The Soul, saw a new creation of rhyming that was aptly named Syllablism. This distinctive approach is defined through the consecutive use of rhyming syllable patterns. The very specific art form is intended to allow words hold the power, rather than constant manipulation from the writer.

The second album in this artist’s repertoire has called upon a range of production ability from Baileys Brown, Leaf Dog, Badhabitz and many more. The impressive 15 track album is centred around a fictional universe that Prime Sinister has named ‘Rage’. Each song is intentionally intricate and intellectual in a way that celebrates the beauty of each inividual prose. The lead single, Prime Time, embraces a chaotic array of sounds that is reminiscent of Prime Sinister’s busy capital upbringing. Distorted illustration exaggerates an eery, minor piano hook, that lies just underneath the fast-paced, riotous injection Prime Sinister brings to his rap.

“The album, Patient Zero, is set in the fictional world of Rage, in which anything is possible, however intangible or inconceivable. The verses are stories, written in the native tongue of Syllablism, from the perspective of a ‘patient zero’ – a resident of Earth who somehow enters Rage. The stories are parables of a chaotic, uncontrollable reality – a reality without the same constraints as ours. The hook, to me, is a statement of my rise. It’s aspirational to me, and I hope it inspires anyone working in any field to get to the top of their craft.” – Prime Sinister

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