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Published on December 30th, 2019 | by Marilyn Reles


Virtual Rock Band ‘Ink To Spill’ Releases “Keys Awaiting” – The Single That Started It All

Ink to Spill is ending 2019 on a high note (no pun intended). But really, the band has done such an impressive job of building its momentum as they ride swiftly into the new decade. Quick to follow their bluesy-rock hit “Raging Hormones”, the band rounds out the year with a true prequel entitled “Keys Awaiting”. The track not only gives fans a glimpse into how the band was formed but it also shows us the synergistic inspiration entwined in a Vashon Island breeze. Chronicling the journey of band members Ryan and C’Quil to Gus’s Music Box on the island, the song talks of their first ever demo session. The band’s natural harmony was instantly channeled into creating hard-hitting conceptualized tracks.

“So it looks like rain on Vashon Island / So the winds are coming in fast / So it looks like rain on the island / Sure as but a vision from the past”

Ryan’s opening lyric line paints imagery of rain gently falling as he looks out his window to the Pacific Northwest. His calming vocal delivery paired with acoustic strings makes listeners feel like they’re right there with him, hot coffee in hand. The lyrics lead into Gus’s soulful story about a lonely keyboard awaiting its master. In the music video, the somber mood is depicted through a split screen of a man all alone with his keyboard alongside images of him and his ex love jubilantly enjoying one another’s company. The song crests as harmonies soar, delicately paired with Ernie’s dynamic percussion. The dramatic piano and moody guitar riffs blend seamlessly behind their visual, which emotionally progresses toward an unexpected ending. I’m personally a huge fan of video concepts the align indirectly with a songs lyrics; the creativity behind the video’s concept is to be that much more appreciated.

The band members of Ink to Spill live coast to coast, creating highly prolific content remotely. Their soulful vocals and elegant guitar pair effortlessly with world-renowned drummer Ernie Adams’ signature percussive sound. They present a poignant examination of our world through an eclectic, alternative rock sound with influences from Soul, R&B and Funk. Their lyrics range from the deeply personal to the socially conscious, to the downright ridiculous. Ink to Spill is coming out of the gate with several highly anticipated releases in 2020. Until then, sit back, relax, and add “Keys Awaiting” to your New Years Eve playlist!

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