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Published on February 11th, 2020 | by Bianca Nilsson


Come and Go: The debut single released by Sydney based Artist ‘SIN’

Mohsin Qureshi also known as ‘SIN’ is an Australian based rapper, singer and songwriter.
Mohsin was born in Hyderabad Pakistan. Qureshi migrated to Sydney at a young age for a better life in Sydney and was heavily influenced by old school American rap culture in conjunction with the loose Aussie way of life. He began writing poetry in his youth and eventually transitioned into raw emceeing.
About Come and Go:
– SINs debut single
Come and Go gathers elements from poetry combined with raw rap depicting the temporary nature of all things in life.
– From the best to worst experiences an individual can face, one must understand all is temporary, impersonal and subject to change.
– In the ancient Pali Sanskrit, this terminology is referred to as ‘Anicca’.
Listen to Come and Go HERE 
Keep up to date with SIN HERE

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