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Published on February 11th, 2020 | by Rive


Kaiju The Unconquerable Returns With A New Episode: ep.11 “Untouchable””

One part MF DOOM, one part living breathing Anime storyline, Southwest Miami rapper Kaiju The Unconquerable is in a lane all his own. A glorified, self-identified nerd, he started rocking stages at comic conventions – and even has the credit of being the first Hip-Hop artist ever to be featured in Shonen Jump, which has been the (print) ground-zero of all things Manga since it was launch 49 years ago.

Kaiju differs from other “weirdo” rappers, though – unlike an act like DOOM, he isn’t a character (per say). His songs and his image don’t hinge on each other to coexist. He uses a healthy amount comic and anime references, but no more than your average nerd-core spitter and thrives on a wave-appropriate trappish vibe.

“Kaiju cant die goes to a bar for a drink, when a biker approaches Kaiju he trys to tell him he’s not suppose to be in here because where Kaiju goes trouble follows. Kaiju then breaks arm of biker for his disrespect but all of sudden during his exited of the bar. Kaiju finds “deadly rose” his ex wife walking in with shotgun once two notices each other the shootout commences. Leaving Kaiju with a shot leg he escapes from the ordeal and rushes heads home. As Kaiju arrives Deadly rose sneeked in waiting in his living room in his hide out. Kaiju is then seen packing to rush to leave town, but Deadly rose spots him attempts to shoot Kaiju as he escapes upstairs. As he enters the kitchen he finds their is nowhere to hide ,he then grabs a chair and waits behind a wall. Deadly rose walks in slowly and notices a chair missing, Kaiju hits her with the chair knocking the gun out her hand.

When Kaiju tries to trip her she does a back flip in his arms in his attempt to grab her and subdue her. Her martial art skill of wingchun allowing her to block every punch kaiju threw. She then takes a grenade out her jacket pocket and pleads with Kaiju not to kill both of them. Kaiju tries his best to persuade her to put the grenade down by complimenting her. As soon as Deadly Rose’s guard is down, Kaiju calls her crazy and pulls the pin out the grenade then kicks her into the kitchen. Deadly rose knowing she wont win Kaiju throws grenade blowing up the kitchen. Do they survive? That’s to be determine in the next episode”

Kaiju The Unconquerable is one of those artists that fails to ever settle into anything – in the best way possible. The shift in tone from “CYBERPUNK 2050” to “Ultraman” should a ton of range, with the quality of the video being the constant. While staying to a similar format, Kaiju manages to continually reinvent his sound, making each piece of his puzzle fit together while also standing out from the crowd.

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