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Published on February 6th, 2020 | by Marilyn Reles


Premiere: Richmond-based Rock Act Fallen Roads To Release Insightful New Single “Where She Goes”

Luke Rhodes and his dedicated team of collaborators create under the impressive ageis ‘Fallen Roads’. With a knack for diving deeply into universal emotions, his new single “Where She Goes” examines the complexities of the human experience, delivering a powerful blend of both blues and rock. Songs like this are refreshing because their instrumentals mimic a sense of urgency, which create lasting momentum from beginning till end. Luke chooses to pair the track with an impactful visual of modern dance, which really suits the songs forward momentum as well as the difficult story he tells of his girlfriends sudden departure from his life. The dance builds with the track organically as the solo dancer is joined by several more dancers mid-way through and is later left alone again to move through heavy mood lighting. While all of this is happening in the foreground, in the background, Luke is on a date. The date seems to begin with a very normal night out at the movies, but ends with her leaving without warning. In the very beginning it feels like Luke’s movie date takes precedence, but later I feel like it takes a backseat to the choreographed dance, which creates an powerful illusion for watchers as well. I completely forgot about his date until the story closes at the very end with Luke walking right past her. This gives watchers a feel for Luke’s confused mindset surrounding the question of what happened to his girlfriend and quite frankly….”Where did she go?”

Lyrically he states that she was gone before she physically left, this makes Luke more insecure about his unawareness of what’s actually happening.

“Have you ever been in the glow of a beautiful moment with the person you love, only to have the lights turned off at the flick of a switch, left to wonder what just happened?”

Luke partnered with choreographer Kara Robertson and dancer Kierstin Kratzer to create this moving video (no pun intended) that, in our opinion, successfully provided further intrigue. The choreography does an excellent job of offering a demonstrative series of sadness and suspense that transpires over the course of the date, but never fully resolves. It’s very rare to find artist’s who choose to incorporate thoughtful touches into their video that pull the listener further in by strengthening the songs overall narrative.

“Where She Goes” was recorded with producer, guitarist, bassist and keyboard player Rich Stine, drummer Brian Jones, and backing vocalists Erin Lunsford and Buttafly Vasquez. A former member of a software group called the Ableton User Group, Luke continues to network with fellow enthusiasts in an ongoing effort to expand his horizons. His writings style seems reflective and a bit haunting, but refreshingly honest. It’s safe to say that I’m officially a new fan.

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