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Published on February 12th, 2020 | by The JDM


Taiyamo Denku – ” They Ain’t Shit ” (feat. Royal Flush & Aslaam Mahdi) prod. by Bo Faat

4 artists come together from 4 completely different regions and locations, to tell other artists who are faking their way through that ” They Ain’t Shit” . Bo Faat the German producer creates a mellow yet drum and bass heavy production that allows the 3 emcees lyrics to shine through.

Royal Flush starts the song with his signature style of rugged and gritty queens New York. Denku breaks down why you might not be shit on his laid back hook ” Everyone Walks Around like they the shit these days , but they ain’t shit these days ” . Denku the Milwaukee native emcee then comes in with his punchline , metaphor heavy verse that might make u rewind to catch his references. Aslaam Mahdi finishes the track off nicely with his developed style and original way of crafting his lyrics together. The Flint, Michigan emcee makes sure you dont forget his presence on the new Denku & Bo Faat single.

Make sure you give this loose single a listen you can support and hear the new song below.


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