A Conversation w/MoKenStef

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Published on February 24th, 2020 | by MuzikScribe


Where Are They Now? MoKenStef

A Conversation w/MoKenStef

More than 24 long years have passed since the release of your Def Jam debut ‘Azz Izz’ — For those not in the know, what all exactly had / have y’all been up to, both personally and professionally speaking, over the course of nearly two and a half decades?

Age and wisdom; married with children compiled has generated.

The, pardon the pun, good – no take that back – great news is that MoKenStef are finally back! With that being said, what prompted y’all to return to music after almost twenty-five years?

Yes, we are back! We’re back with a mission to resolve unfinished business. Business on all levels; from history on how we started and ended, to resolving and mending relationships amongst ourselves, to confronting those who stole and took advantage of us.

That said, what all exactly do y’all have in store for the remainder of 20-20 and beyond? I’m hearing ‘bout possibly new music, a book deal…

In our book dropping this year, we take our ride or die fans through that Good, the Bad, and Ugly journey with us. We keep it authentic, uninterrupted, unfiltered in our reality.

How then does the new material(s) either differ and / or compare to MoKenStef circa ‘94?

Social Media allows us to be more accessible to our fans. Allows us to become more independent with our business without the messiness of so many hands in your pocket.

In having said that, how has not only the industry itself, but even more so y’all, either changed and / or evolved since your whole inception into music?

Cassette tapes/albums to downloads streaming. Instant relationships and communications with your audience, people’s choice. Artists can now be in control.

Reflecting, how did y’all first discover your musical talent?

Our day ones they know we started off as Hip Hop dancers with various artists and featured in a few music videos, but for those who don’t know we share this scene and more about our lives in our reality book.

Who have been your greatest inspirations musically and why?

Jazz, ’70’s Motown era, classic Hip Hop, ’80’s and ’90’s R’n’B. Individually we drop names in our book.

Longevity, what do y’all attribute yours to?

Being confident and true to yourself, and don’t be afraid of the process of growth no matter how long it takes. Being punctual and respectful of other people’s times and schedules.

On a more serious note, are y’all happy with the current state of R&B? And, even more specifically, where exactly do y’all “fit in” when it comes to today’s current/trending sound-scape?

We are in harmony with classic R’n’B, Hip Hop, and with our music and our book. We want our supporters to always remember the music that birthed us; offspring of classic R’n’B, Hip Hop…and we will forever preserve the legacy.

Do y’all have any other outside / additional aspirations, maybe even completely away from entertainment?

Authors, mentors, paneling, fitness.

To date, what has been your greatest career achievement(s) at least thus far anyway?

Collectively our album, ‘Azz Izz,’ was our greatest achievement and still is. “He’s Mine” has been used as concepts in new music. Has impacted real lives to communicate.

If y’all could collaborate with anyone artist, living or dead, who would it be and why?

Tupac, who we discuss our experience within the book, was urban, passionate about what he believed in and, at the same time, he was conscientious and intelligent.

If y’all could play any venue in the world, which one would you choose and why?

Super Bowl, Rose Bowl and Madison Square Garden.

One track of yours that y’all think defines y’all and why?

Because we are songwriters, everything we write comes from our Bold, Black, Beautiful.

“He’s Mine” is a bonafide R&B classic — How did this song actually come about? Who came up with the concept? And, please describe for me the overall studio vibe on that fateful day?

We were chillin’ at Mo’s house vibin’ like we always do to music and coming up with concepts to write about, and we happened to be conversing about someone we weren’t feeling and it evolved into “He’s Mine.”

Lastly, what’s next for MoKenStef?

The rise and fall, re-birth, and tying up loose ends.

Is there anything I left out, or just plain forgot to mention?

We want to thank you for taking the time to hear our story and getting the word out. The release of Unfinished Business the book and pre-order, participating in conferences. We plan to start a book tour, drop an audio-book, along with a new single.

Any “parting” message(s) for our readers?

Book launch March 21st, Pre-order (began) Feb 21st.

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