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Athletic Genetix: Revolutionizing the Way We Eat, Train and Think!

Athletic Genetix CEO, Raffaele Lauretta uses your DNA to create your athletic genetic blueprint.

Everyone looks for an edge. Whether it be in life, in sports or any form of competition. It’s up to the general public to vet through the various workouts and diets that are at our disposal through the internet. Athletic Genetix CEO, Raffaele Lauretta has created a way to make that vetting process much less stressful. Athletic Genetix unlocks essential knowledge about your unique genetic makeup that could elevate your workouts through DNA. This revolutionary way of structuring your diet and workouts based on your genetic makeup is the future and is the most scientific way to balance your daily rituals while customizing your day to day activities. You are literally one swab away from being your best.

Check out what else, Raffaele had to say about this groundbreaking kit that could help you become the best version of you possible!

How are you doing, my man?

Raffaele Lauretta: Life is good, my man. Life is good. We count our blessings every day.

You found a love for sports at a very young age. What sports were you into?

Raffaele Lauretta: I was always active as a kid, so I played all sports and followed all sports. Soccer was the one that spoke to me the most, I would say. I started when I was 3 or 4-years old. I was fortunate enough to play in Italy and professionally here in the states. It was just always a love of mine. It spoke to me more than other sports. I was always active.

There is nothing like firsthand experience. Are your experiences what made you want to further your research to aide athletes?

Raffaele Lauretta: For sure 100%. Growing up, I was always asked what I was eating and what was I doing and how was I training. Things like that and I would always be the first one to tell them, what works for this one won’t necessarily work for that one. What is this one’s treasure is this one’s poison. So, I always tried to stay at an ultimate level of fitness that would keep me up and playing with the greats. But people would ask me personal questions about what I was doing, and I always told them what I was doing. But this is what I’m doing, but you might be doing something different that may work better for you. It was always a passion of mine and that’s why I feel like I dove into that health and medical field if you will. The two of them have a lot to do with each other.

You actually combined your passions for the medical field and sports and made it work. Tell me about Athletic Genetix.

Raffaele Lauretta: Yeah, I guess I was lucky enough to have a passion for that medical world. When I did go to college, I graduated pre-med and that’s how I lumped my two passions together. I loved sports and I loved the medical field and I put them together. I feel like when it comes to Athletic Genetix, it’s exactly like my passions. People always say, “You gotta love what you do,” and this is what I love to do. I love to help people. When it comes to sports and health, that’s where Athletic Genetix comes in. It’s a genetics company that can basically tell you what you should be eating, what you should be avoiding and how you should be training. It will basically go into creating you an AG blueprint as I like to call it for every single athlete. It’s what every athlete needs to be doing to reach their full potential. That road map for success is going to be different and unique for every single athlete. So, that is what separates us from the rest. We’re actually going to create a blueprint for you that is going to be you and only you, and that road map for success is going to be created and designed for you and only you.

Is this the most scientific way to get the most out of your body in your opinion?

Raffaele Lauretta: Yes! We’re always looking for that extra edge; whether it’s in sports or health. I feel like people always want to be above the rest. Whether it’s a sport that they play or whether they are just walking around a park, they always want that extra edge over the competition. They always want to be healthier and stronger than what they are. We’re able to create a blueprint for each and every athlete. That is something that no one else can tell you in the world, but this test. So, now we’re able to see possible deficiency’s in vitamins and minerals just from a cheek swab. We’re able to see sensitivities and intolerance’s; maybe you have a problem with lactose or gluten. Now we can see if it’s causing more inflammation in your body. We could see macro-nutrients, high-metabolized carbs, protein fats, fiber just from the nutrition side, people now have that information that they couldn’t get from anywhere else. Now, they know exactly what they should be eating and what they should be avoiding to feel healthier. And obviously we like to push the athlete side, so now it’s just going to give you a boost of energy and quicker recovery in your sports performance just by knowing what foods to have and what foods to avoid. And that’s not even getting into the fitness side of things which is crazy.

In any sport, it’s all about getting these athletes back on the field and keeping them there as quickly as possible, so recovery is stressed big time. This definitely seems like something that could propel recovery.

Raffaele Lauretta: Absolutely! What’s great about it is we’ve been helping athletes and non-athletes across the board. As soon as you take this test, you just feel the benefits from knowing what you should be having and what you should be avoiding. When we get into the fitness side of things, we can actually see, if you have more of an advantage in endurance-based sports or power based sports. Is it easier for you to put on your running shoes and do a 100-meter sprint or a 5-mile run? We can actually see how your muscles recover after injury or how they recover after exercise; whether it’s fast or slow. Are you prone to getting injured? Muscle fatigue, now we can tweak a little bit of our training regimen based off of our genetics. So, if we know that our muscles don’t recover as fast as the person next to us, now we need to do an extra 10-minute cool down after I exercise. You know what, I can’t go as hard Monday as I can on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday because now that risk of injury is greater. I need to tailor my regimen or stretch a little bit more than the average person because my genetics say this. Every type of information we can get from this test, is all positive. That’s what I really wanted. I never want to get into any negative things. So, everything on this test will give you a positive change for either your nutrition or your training regimen.

How important is it to understand the importance of genetics?

Raffaele Lauretta: So, genetics plays a role in everything we do. Why can someone look at a loaf of bread or a pound of pasta across the table and they’ll gain weight just looking at it. While others can have that pound of pasta or that loaf of bread every day and not gain weight. It’s due to our genetics or epigenetics is what they call it; which is factors that surround us. Whether it’s weather, our exercise habits or what we’re eating. Things like that that affect certain genetics and we have the power to turn on and off certain gene expressions. So, when it comes to genetics, it plays a huge role. And obviously nutrition, our training regimen and our diet. Some people genetically have an advantage because they have a bigger frame than others. Genetics just plays a huge role in our everyday lives, especially when it comes to sports performance.

How would one gain access to submitting a cheek swab?

Raffaele Lauretta: Everything is direct to consumer online. So, once you order a kit online it gets sent directly to you. You don’t even have to leave your couch if you don’t want to. We created it to where it’s an experience opening up our kit. It’s like an IPhone where it’s an experience opening up that. It’s kind of like that when it comes to Athletic Genetix where it’s an experience opening it up. And I love all of the feedback I’ve gotten from the professional athletes that have seen it. When you hear them say, “Bro, this is awesome,” “This is cool as hell,” I love hearing that type of feedback because we worked so hard on the process. It comes directly to you, you just follow the simple instructions inside. Swab your cheek, send it back in the prepaid envelope and you get your results. It’s that easy.

What’s the future for Athletic Genetix? What is the ultimate goal?

Raffaele Lauretta: It’s growing pretty fast organically. It’s just word a mouth, “Hey, this is great. I feel good.” Now, when you beat a personal record in a track event, or you’re feeling great on the soccer field, or you’re so much faster and stronger when playing football and people ask you what you are doing, people are now able to say, “I was able to create my own AG blueprint and this is my road to success. If you do yours, yours is going to look different.” We have really been helping everyone across the board, whether you are a professional athlete, amateur or just want to live a healthy lifestyle.

The ultimate goal is the help each and every athlete reach their absolute best. That’s been my goal since day one. We want to give them as much knowledge on their body as possible, so that we can make more positive changes in their diet, training and their recovery which will ultimately lead to a better performance in their sport. That’s been a personal goal of mine since day one. And as we continue to grow and move forward we’re able to help more and more athletes.

Where can we find out more about your company?

Raffaele Lauretta: We have a website,, we have Instagram, Facebook and anything we can do to help out these athletes. We post information, we post some of the athletes that take this test and we show some of their results. We just want to keep people informed. If we are able to help this one, we definitely can help you.

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