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Published on March 2nd, 2020 | by Jason Bourne


Brae Leni taps Grammy winner Timothy Bloom for new single, “Guitar Sex”


For the past decade Brae Leni has been delivering his brand of feel good music to the masses. Described as captivating, and high energy his stage performances have provided the perfect soul session to its audiences.  His blend of musicianship, creativity and tradition is ear candy in the purest form.

“Fans tell me all the time that they love dancing, grooving, and singing along with my music.”

-Brae Leni

Money’s worth if you ask me.  From festivals to clubs, other venues even weddings throughout major cities like New York, San Diego, Shreveport, Austin, St. Louis, and Denver just to name a few. His latest offering is a collaboration titled “Guitar Sex”  with 2x Grammy Award winning American Alternative Soul singer-songwriter Timothy Bloom.  


Listen to Guitar Sex

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