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Published on March 26th, 2020 | by Guest Contributor


‘L.A. Traffic’ Has Set the Tone for the Artist Project LittGloss

LittGloss is a Copenhagen-based multi-platinum selling producer-duo consist- ing of Kristoffer Fuglsang and Mathias Holsaae. The duo has produced and written several hits and have a combined amount of +75 million streams on Spotify alone.

Their debut single ‘L.A. Traffic’ builds a feel-good environment with its piano driven organic house production. With its disco references and its musical el- ements, the song draws resemblance to artists such as Slik City and Calvin Harris.

“The song ‘L.A. Traffic’ is about being in the moment and feeling the rhythm, and it should motivate you to stop thinking and just be present. In general, it is always important for us to focus on the song’s core — in other words, however you would choose to manipulate the song, either by adding elements or strip- ping down the production, you will always end up with a high-quality song. This is the principle that ‘L.A.’ Traffic is built upon.”

‘L.A. Traffic’ has set the tone for the artist project LittGloss. Electronic ele- ments mixed with analogue synthesizers and organic instruments such as gui- tar, piano and strings is what highlights the sound and states the universe of LittGloss.

Stream ‘L.A. Traffic’ here

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