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Published on March 26th, 2020 | by Al Geiner


On The Rise To The Top Of The Pops…Kali Roxx!

Kali gives an energetic vocal performance not seen since Amy Whinehouse. Her breakout song ‘Nightmares and FairyTales” shows off her unique 4-octave range which makes her standout amongst the mundane that can dominate the Pop Scene.  Take a listen to this soon to be Top of the Pops Hit!

Catch the fantasy  fairytale music video  

From Kali herself…..“Nightmares in fairytales is something everybody can relate to taking the good and the bad and also the paranoia and anxiety young people deal with. It’s a metaphor for modern day living in a young person’s world.” Since Kali is only 21 years old she writes those songs from the heart and angst of a young person in America today.

Kali Roxx is a powerful young singer / writer / performer now based in Los Angeles California. Although she was born in Houston Texas, Kali moved many times and resided in 3 different countries. These life experiences have made this young artist an ” old soul ” which is reflected in Kali’s songwriting and voice. At a very young age Kali sang her heart out at international competitions in France, Greece and Belgium. Another highlight was when Kali sang a duet with world renowned tenor Mario Frangoulis for the finale of the opening ceremony at the Special Olympics in Athens, Greece.In high school Kali sang in local competitions, a network TV competition as well as the national anthem at NBA and MLS games. She continues to perform whenever she has the opportunity and is a natural on stage.

Find out more about Kali on her website   https://kaliroxx.com/about-kali/

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