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Published on April 27th, 2020 | by Brittany Burton


Financial Guru Dave Obaseki Is New York’s Hidden Living Legend

Financial Guru and co-founder of PT365 Dave Obaseki uses the word no as a gateway to new opportunities. Obaseki was born and raised in New York but traveled to Nigeria every summer to continue learning about his culture and getting familiar with his family.

His father taught him as a child the importance of saving money and to establish good credit. Obaseki also learned essential business tactics from his uncle Godwin Obaseki, who is the Governor of Edo State. Obaseki’s determination and knowledge of what his clients have advanced him to the next level of a car dealer. Prior to starting his business PTG365 with his partners, Obaseki worked at a car dealership but left due to being unhappy with his daily routine.

“You have to have tunnel vision and understand there will be hurdles but, continue to keep pushing and you will make it, ” said Obaseki.

Obaseki met his business partner Eric Whitehead at the Borough of Manhattan Community College. This meeting developed a partnership and business venture that is very successful. Obaseki graduated with his associate degree in 2012 and began taking courses at Suny Westbury, graduating in 2015. He and his partners, Eric Whitehead and Brandon Medford are continuing to work on their business 365 days of the year and strengthening their relationships within the automotive and entertainment industry.

Their notable work has been featured in Forbes, Yahoo, Black Enterprise, Essence, and more publications and led them to get their own Snapchat show, called Driven. Obaseki is currently filming season two of Snapchat’s new hit show, Driven.. Driven, produced by Big Fish Entertainment, which airs episodes by episode on the app.

Whitehead and his partners showcase their ability to live up to high-end clients’ needs such as entertainers such as Swae Lee, Gucci Mane, Rich The Kid and Tory Lanez. Driven has signed six seasons with SnapChat and hopes to have a deal with a major network in the future.

Obaseki loves to give back within his community and help people advance themselves in society. Besides giving financial advice, Obaseki and his partners have designed a program for single moms to assist them with reliable transportation.

They offer mothers the option to obtain a car with either no money down or 90 days of no payments. Obaseki also has donated food to healthcare workers at three hospitals in New York, including Jamaica Hospital. His efforts not only nurtured the health care workers but helped the restaurants that had to close due to the COVID-10 pandemic.

Besides working in the car industry, Obaseki wants to venture into the entertainment industry with the creation of 365 Entertainment and PTG365 Reality. Obaseki is maintaining his busy schedule while taking care of his family. Dave noticed how much more he is cooking for himself, with health being the main priority due to COVID becoming healthier and working on his fitness during this pandemic.

For more information regarding Dave Obaseki, contact Publicst @Averymsartistry.

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