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Introducing 6NB Recording Artist: Yung Alz

Son of Tec-9 from the legendary group UNLV ready to make some noise of his own.

It’s not easy to follow in the footsteps of UNLV. Anyone from Louisiana, New Orleans specifically understands the value that the trio (Lil Ya, Tec-9 and Yella Boy) brought to the music industry. Tec-9’s son, Yung Alz is stepping up to the plate and ready to shoulder the responsibilities that come along with continuing the greatness that was created before him and still being created from the two remaining members of the group (RIP Yella Boy). In fact, Yung Alz is the first member on 6NB (6th & Baronne) record label. He brings that same New Orleans flare that his father brought to the table. The 7th Ward spitta is prepping his first EP, “Ain’t Da Same,” which has a June release date. Despite dealing with a few setbacks because of the Corona Virus, it’s a date that, Alz wants to keep intact!

Check out what, Yung Alz had to say about the influences of his father and uncle, how learning the business at an early age helped him and much more!

How you doing, my man?

Yung Alz: I’m doing great, dawg. Just out here working, dawg. Trying to get it.

Tell us where you’re from.

Yung Alz: Downtown St. Bernard. The 7th Ward. Downtown, New Orleans.

What can people expect when they hear you? What type of energy are you bringing to the table?

Yung Alz: I’m going to bring some hype energy. I’m going to make them feel me. You gonna feel what I’m saying. They gonna know I’m talking that talk and bringing that energy. I’m going to make you smile and make you happy. Even though I’m talking about some hype stuff and real stuff, it’s going to bring a smile to your face because it’s so authentic. Ya feel me.

Definitely! I watched your video, you definitely bringing that old school New Orleans flare.

Yung Alz: Preciate that. I really do. I try to have my own style. My uncle [Lil Ya] always tell me to be original, you feel me. So, I try my hardest to be as original as I can be.

Lil Ya is your uncle, Tec-9 is your pops, you have been around this music thing your entire life. What lessons have you learned being around the game for so long?

Yung Alz: Man, the business gotta be correct. It’s all about relationships. You gotta build relationships. I learned it can be real snaky too, you feel me. So, Unc just keep me on my toes about stuff like that.

I’m sure it helped you understand when to drop, when to sit on something for a minute.

Yung Alz: Right! That too. When it’s time to drop and when it’s time to chill.

I see you been trying to put a few of your homies on with you.

Yung Alz: My potna G-Gurk. But I got a mixtape coming out. But the features I get, I try to keep it inside. I try to get my potnas in the mix, you feel me. I know the opportunity I have because of my Uncle and my Daddy. They got people watching them. So, I try to drag my guys in with me. This my guys. And my Uncle cool with that. As long as it sound good, Unc be cool with it, so I try to just keep it in the family. Ain’t nothing wrong with reaching out, I’m just saying, I wanna put my people in the mix. And then we can reach out.

You hear the name UNLV and there is a certain level of expectation that comes with that. Being the son of Tec-9 and nephew of Ya, does that add any pressure or are you using it all as fuel?

Yung Alz: Some people don’t be knowing and they don’t think I be really spittin how I’m spittin, so sometimes it be pressure because I gotta keep this shit hype. I can’t come with nothing halfway. It pressures me a lil because I can’t put out no half-ass work. The product can’t be bad, so it kind of adds pressure because that’s shit that I think about, ya know. It’s love too at the end of the day because they gonna let me know what’s wrong with it. I got a team with experience. They let me know what’s up with it, and that’s a big help. Sometimes it pressures me and sometimes it’s all good.

What has it been like for you with pops being away?

Yung Alz: Him being back will take some of that pressure off. Like we said, he short, but we still working. I still let him listen to my music and he gives me his input. That’s one of my biggest influences. I listen to him and my Uncle and I see what their opinion is. That’s who I call when I need an opinion on something. I need something I talk to them.

Do you remember the time when you finally understood how big UNLV was? What was that moment when you realized the magnitude of the group?

Yung Alz: Man, they were on the radio when I was 7 or 8-years old. My momma always told me… when you’re on the radio you’re big. The Hot Boys were on the radio, pops nem was on the radio. But I never understood their story until I got it from them. What really happened, you feel me. I knew they were big because of the radio. When you’re a youngin, if it’s on the radio that means it’s poppin. I would say about 8 or 9.

Tell us about this mixtape you’re coming with.

Yung Alz: “Ain’t Da Same,” is the name of the mixtape. I’m working. I got a couple features on there from the big dog himself, Tec-9. I got something coming from him called, “Hustle Alone.” It’s a 7-song EP, so I got a couple of features on there. I got Gurk on there, C-Money on there, Shay2Real, that’s my girl. She do her thing too. I got her on there. It’s in-house on this one because this my first. All hittas, man. You can see my single a hitta. “Came 4RM Da Block,” is my single. We just gonna roll with that, “Ain’t Da Same.” It’s gonna be big.

First artist on 6NB Records. You seem like you are handling all of this very well.

Yung Alz: I’m ready! I’m ready to work. I’m happy that we doing this right chea, this interview. I appreciate this interview. This is big for me.

No doubt, fam. When can we expect the EP?

Yung Alz: It was expected to be done in June. I’m still trying to get it done in June, but this Corona Virus is really slowing the process up. So, I’m still pushing for June. I was telling, Unc, I’m still trying to get it poppin. I ain’t worrying about the Corona. I’m trying to work. We still trying to drop in June, man.

I got eyes on you now, keep me in the loop with the mixtape and I’m expecting big things from you. Anything else you want to add?

Yung Alz: Make sure you follow me on Instagram @thereal_alz7 and on Twitter @___yungalz7. We got a nice promotional tour going on starting in Dallas as soon as this Corona Virus thing is over. I will be opening for, Unc. And for any booking inquires or features, get at my Uncle, Lil Ya on his Instagram lilyaunlv3.

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