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Published on April 3rd, 2020 | by Guest Contributor


Kaisha’s debut Shoulda Known leaves us all in the know

Kaisha is a Brighton based Malaysian born artist who specialises in R&B and neo-soul magic, which is showcased in her jaw-dropping offering Shoulda Known. The track is Kaisha’s glittering debut, and is the first single from an upcoming 5 track EP. Neatly composed, the single is packed with hooks and gorgeous melodies.

Discussing the release, Kaisha explains: 

“Shoulda Known is about the beginning of a relationship – so close to flourishing, but is being held back by the actions of the other person. It’s about how sometimes experiences are very much one sided, and how sometimes it takes the most to make you realise that their heart’s not in it as much as yours is. To me, this track reminds me of how gullible I used to be, looking at love through rose-tinted glasses and even though I knew something wouldn’t work, I would always close one eye and hope for the best.”

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