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Published on April 2nd, 2020 | by AnthonyRian


Macntaj – I Hope You Cough + 2020 Succs!

Seattle artist Macntaj has come through with Corona anthem of all anthems on his latest music video for “I Hope You Cough.”

Stuck in the house with an ex you hate is no place to be during quarantine and Macntaj is learning that from first-hand experience. Not afraid of spreading his germs, or his vibes, Macntaj pulls out all the stops on “I Hope You Cough,” with the playful theme of infecting an ex he can’t stand. Not trading any quality for comedy, Macntaj shows his ability as an MC by keeping the tempo up with his vicious flow all while keeping things hilarious and playful with his lyrics. Produced by Jammy Beatz and Executive Produced by Jackson Morgan, “I Hope You Cough” blends Macntaj’s comedic genius with his high musicality, making for the perfectly-timed, outrageous anthem.

Making waves on the West Coast from Seattle to Sacramento, and beyond, with a string of high-quality music videos and show-stopping performances, Macntaj is the artist equivalent of a true diamond in the rough. First breaking onto the scene through his work with the world-famous group Bassnectar, Macntaj has kept the momentum going with last year’s release of Trappy Gilmore 2 and the Murcii Miller-collaboration “Cringe.”

You’re guaranteed to hear a string of Corona anthems in the next few weeks but Macntaj’s “I Hope You Cough” stands out from the rest with a hilariously unique take on this pandemic. Addressing a more serious issue, as an artist, Macntaj himself was unsure if his new song was appropriate enough to release but after getting approval from a friend in Seattle who had recently lost his own Grandmother due to the virus, Taj knew “I Hope You Cough” just might be the exact comedic relief people need right now.
Tune in with this rising star as his stock continues to soar with each release.

“I Hope You Cough” + the new album 2020 Succs are now available on YouTube and all digital streaming outlets!


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