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Meet Nickelodeon’s Star of ALL THAT- Gabrielle Nevaeh Green

Gabrielle Nevaeh Green is one of the stars of Nickelodeon’s reboot of the hit 90s show ALL THAT with Executive Producer Keenan Thompson. The show is nominated for its first Kids Choice Award this year! Gabrielle is best known for her impersonation of Beyoncé and super hyper character, barista Alisha in Coffee, Coffee, Coffee. Beginning her career in middle school as a theatre and vocal major Gabrielle is rapidly becoming a major force on the small screen and we see nothing but great things for her.

The Hype Magazine got Gabrielle to weigh in on a few things

You are a musician and actor, which was your first love, and what actually brought you to the entertainment industry?

My first love is definitely acting. As an only child, I would create characters for my family to have fun and try to make them laugh. My love of music comes from my family. We have several musicians in the family so I grew up around people singing and playing instruments so it was natural for me to start to dabble myself. I actually started getting a taste of the entertainment industry because of academics. My parents were looking for the best middle school that had a strong gifted program and it turned out it was an art school. It required an audition for a specific art area, I chose theatre and vocals. I had never auditioned for anything ever and now was faced with two very intimidating auditions. I was competing with 4K kids that had been professionally trained for years for a chance to get one of the only two hundred spots. I was accepted as a theatre and vocal major, God’s favor! This was my journey into entertainment.

“All That” is one of those iconic sketch comedy shows, how did you come to be part of the series?

Becoming a cast member on All That was by far the hardest and longest audition process to date for me. During the process we were not told what show we were auditioning for it was an “untitled sketch comedy show”. We were asked to develop three original characters as part of the audition in addition to a script that we were provided. I actually auditioned as Beyoncé, a hyper waitress which you now know as Alisha the Barista on the show and my third character was a wacky valley girl. We were partnered with others to test chemistry to know how we would vibe. I was fortunate to be in the first rounds and didn’t have to wait as long as some, I don’t think my heart could have handled any more anticipation. All That has been such an amazing blessing beyond my wildest dreams. I am so very grateful.

Do you have any favorite characters you play from the show?

I have been so blessed to play so many characters in the show so its really hard to choose. I would have to say I ave four favs Beyoncé is so fun to play she’s definitely a favorite. Cardi B was newly introduced in the show recently, I had a blast playing her and getting her voice and accent. I love playing Alicia the Barista in Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Alicia is so zany and over the top. Lastly, I love playing Cindy in Good Burger, getting to work with Kel Mitchell in Good Burger, What can I say, I mean it’s a dream come true!

How in the world do you keep up such high energy when playing the coffee barista?!

I’m actually not sure! It’s kind of like a weird superpower that just happens! I’m always really excited and peppy about things in real life, but when I see that character’s name in the script, it just goes out the roof!

Coming from theater to multi-cam is quite the transition, how did you prepare and what made it easier for you?

Well, multi-cam and theatre actually have a lot of similarities! In both, you have to project your voice and use large movements to get your point across to your audience! The biggest change was probably being aware of the cameras and making sure you can be seen by them at all times. We’ve had some amazing directors and OG cast members that have definitely given us some pointers on how to navigate that!

Any guidance for young actors looking to take their career to the next level?

My advice is to be dedicated to your craft, it’s true that you have to live and breathe your craft, to continue to work to be better everyday. Find resources to take classes that push you out of your comfort zone and then take more classes and never stop learning. I am so thankful that I had such a wonderful acting coach that I was prepared mentally and physically for all the highs and lows that can come. Once I was on set, I was fully prepared for being in a professional environment because of the training.

What is the most important thing for us to know about Gabrielle?

I’m all about love, all about spreading positivity. I feel strongly that I am to use my voice, my platform to make a positive impact on our world and in the lives of others. I’m a strong believer in my religion, my faith and I feel that everyone comes in your life for a reason; you may not know why at this moment, but you will a month, a year, two years from now and you’ll look back and say “wow”.

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