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Published on April 3rd, 2020 | by Marilyn Reles


Premiere: Pop Artist Jamie Jean Releases Wistful Music Video “I Can Dream, Can’t I?”

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Jamie Jean has stolen our hearts with the release of her latest track “I Can Dream Can’t I?”. Both buoyant and upbeat, the song invites listeners into her daydream at a time when reality is a lot to take in. We’re premiering the track’s official music video which is set to release publicly on Tuesday April 7th. The video’s vintage aesthetic invites viewers into Jamie’s daydream, inspired by old diary entries, teenage crushes and self-reflection. She keeps things lighthearted to escape from commitment; life is serious enough so, why dive in too deep? Things are always easier as a kid or a teenager; stark reality begins to hit hard in the early stages of adulthood and it appears Jamie isn’t running away but rather, paving her own path, which happens to be sprinkled in sunshine and butterflies. Her rose-colored glass vision pairs seamlessly with the track’s chill pop-undertones, creating a sway back and forth mood as dark thoughts fade into the distance.

Recorded by Nashville-based producer Cole Phillips, the track off-sets seriousness and instead, keeps listeners daydreaming from beginning to end. Brought to life visually by Luke Harvey of Moss Flower Pictures, the feeling of this song marks a new chapter in Jamie’s career. She hopes her music will encourage others dream and create during a time when the world needs art the most. So take a moment to sit back, escape the news, and daydream with Jamie.

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