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Published on April 28th, 2020 | by Guest Contributor


Yianna’s “When I’m Loving You” Details the Intimate Beginnings of a Romantic Encounter

New York based artist Yianna uses music to find self-acceptance. Filled with dreamy soundscapes and lulling guitar melodies, “When I’m Loving You” showcases Yianna’s vocal talent, her powerful voice sweeping across the musical canvas.

“I was really influenced by Alicia Keys during this time,” Yianna explains. “The song is about the feeling someone gives when you’re finally with them after you’ve tried to hide your emotions for so long. It’s about the beginning of a relationship, when things are going so well it almost feels magical. I think we wanted to convey that not only in the lyrics, but in the production. There’s something whimsical about that, but a sense of sadness at the end of the song because you know some things are too good to be true”.

Originally from New Jersey, Yianna had originally planned to enrol in the military before a local music producer heard her sing. Encouraged to start writing songs, she dropped out of college and moved to New York to pursue music. Accumulating thousands of streams through independent releases, she eventually teamed up with a collective of musicians and producers in Brooklyn where they wrote, recorded, and produced her first full length project.

With the promise of more music to follow throughout the year and the video to follow next Friday, “When I’m Loving You” is a colourful display of musical expertise from a rising talent.

Yianna · When I’m Loving You

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