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Interview with RL: Minnesota’s Finest

As an early present to your fans, last holiday season you unleashed a brand new original song entitled “Christmas Mornin,” and whether you already know it or not, it also reignited the desire in many for that exceedingly overdue, long awaited , follow-up to 2002’s ‘RL: Ements’ — Is there another solo LP in the works?

Yes, I released a new single and visual Mother’s Day Weekend called “You Are,” inspired by my daughter Rory, and dedicated (it) to every strong woman.

So then when can we, the masses, expect it? And what all specifically can you reveal and / or divulge about upcoming said set at this particular point in time?

Right now ‘The Procession.‘ The album will be out once I feel like it is perfect. People have been waiting for a long time, and I don’t want to let the fans down. I put out a teaser with 3 songs called ‘The Letter J.’ I sampled Jodeci, Janet Jackson and Jon B. ‘The Letter J’ will be out by September.

It’s also recently been reported that NEXT, along with other former Dvine Mill acts; (I’m assuming) Zhane, Jaheim, Koffee Brown and Tha Rayne, have been reunited with producer Kay Gee — What exactly can be expected from this reunification?

We were never separated from Kay Gee. He has been a great part of us. We are going to release a EP with Naughty by Nature and NEXT whenever Kay Gee is ready.

Switching gears here, how has not only the industry itself, but even more-so you, either changed and / or evolved since your whole inception into music?

I’ve become more guarded. 20 years ago I was an innocent kid. I thought being real was the key to longevity, but this game is really political.

Longevity, what do you then attribute yours to?

Humbleness and hard work

What do you want people to get from your music?

Happiness. Music is a powerful thing; whether it’s making love, partying or letting off steam, music is the key component to all of that.

On a more serious note, are you happy with the current state of R&B?

Yes, I think everyone plays their role however they feel their role is defined. Just need to figure out your lane.

Do you have any other outside / additional aspirations, maybe even completely away from entertainment?

Music and family is life. Staying healthy of course, and long lasting music.

To date, what has been your greatest career achievement(s), at least thus far anyway?

Talking to you. How many people can say after 23 years there is still interest in hearing what I have to say. It’s a blessing.

One track of yours that you think defines you and why?

I can not name one because every track I make has a part of my soul in it. Particles of me are in every record that I  have ever done, whether it was a solo, group or a written project for someone.

Give me one memorable moment – the first thing that comes to mind – surrounding the recording of these classic works…

“Butta Love” – Being 16 and leaving my mom’s hair salon inspired by women being transformed from getting their hair done.

“Too Close” – Peppermint Lounge in New Jersey. 2 girls dancing on me and Tweet.

“I Still Love You” –  One of the last times we were all in the studio together. Lance Alexander and Prof-T, 2 members of the group Lo-Key? who originally discovered us and did our original demos.

“Wifey” – Flying out to New Jersey by myself to come up with records with Kay Gee before starting the second NEXT album.

Lastly, what’s next for you, RL?

Only God knows. I pray everyday, so hopefully it’s good!

Btw, right around the time you all aligned yourselves with G Unit, there were talks of another, now permanently shelved, 4th album, ‘Next, Lies & Videotape’ — What ever became of this record?

It is sitting on my computer along with the newest album ‘NEXT Rated‘ album. Neither will ever come out at this point.

Is there anything I left out, or just plain forgot to mention?

None…and thank you again for allowing me to use your platform to talk about my artistry. I really appreciate it.

Any “parting” words for our readers?

Thank-you for being a fan of mine and my work, along with the group, for 23 plus years. Without you all I really would not be who I am and have become today.


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