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Published on July 10th, 2020 | by MuzikScribe


Avant’s New Album NOW AVAILABLE

Avant Releases His 9th Album Can We Fall In Love!

Today marks the release of R&B crooner Avant’s 9th studio album Can We Fall In Love! The new collection includes the previously released R&B radio hit “Not Gone Lose” alongside 9 brand new songs produced by Travis Sayles.

For nearly two decades, Avant has blazed a trail with hits like, “Read Your Mind,” “My First Love,” and “Separated”. His latest project, Can We Fall In Love, is an open love letter with raw honesty and intensity.

It’s a different time in the world today and I’m trying to get people back to what real R&B is about. Not just making love but being in love, what happened to that? I think it’s important that we delve back into those kinds of things.”

A songwriter, producer, and label owner of MO-B Entertainment, Avant has traveled a long and steady path from being the first artist on Magic Johnson’s record label to starting his own label. He is grateful to be in a unique situation in his career, maintaining control in business and creative freedom.

As many artists have fallen to the wayside, Avant continues to stay consistent in creating great music. Can We Fall In Love is a testimony to why his fanbase is so loyal.

I can’t change who I am, so I have to give you exactly who Avant is all the time. That’s my main goal when I sit down to record an album. I want to give you that interpretation of what this life is about.”

The new album is available NOW!






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