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Published on July 7th, 2020 | by Mike DeBlasio


Dina Hawthorne Says “Get Up”

“I’ve looked in the Devil’s face, I know his ways, because he tried to raise me!”

Dina was forced to grow up at a very early age while enduring hardship. Born in Brooklyn, NY to parents from different countries; her Mom from Costa Rica, and her Dad Jamaican), her and her 4 siblings are first generation American. Dina watched in amazement as her parents performed in the Shiloh Mass Choir aspiring to one day herself be apart of something so great. It was then Dina first fell in love with music. Despite the outward Christian image her father portrayed, he was very abusive and used religion to control and torture, resulting in her parents divorce.

Dina describes her father as “The Devil himself”. Raised as a Seventh Day Adventist in an extremely abusive household with her father and his girlfriend, her love for music was still able to blossom. She didn’t realize her full potential until she received a backhanded compliment from her father’s girlfriend about playing the radio too loud but it was actually her singing. Over the years Dina began to use music as her escape and therapy. She began writing music at 10 years old and sold out her first show as a young adult. She spent the next decade developing her craft as a singer songwriter.

At 23, she met her spiritual love, her husband, and together brought two beautiful children, Sebastin and Elijah-Alavi, into the world. On November 3, 2017 her happy family was shattered when a horrific tragedy happened that would change them all forever. Dina’s 3 year old son Elijah-Alavi life was cut short, due to negligence when a Daycare provider gave him a grilled cheese sandwich despite his known dairy allergy.

Dina always dreamt of having her boys front and center while she performed her music in front of thousands of others. Sadly, this dream was abruptly taken from her. Not only did this send her into a state of depression and sadness, it also weighed very heavily on the entire family especially on her 6 year old son Sebastin who lost his lil brother and best friend. He became withdrawn and their interaction with each other became limited. Not only had she physically lost one child, but struggled connecting with the other.

Anxiety and a host of other mental challenges flooded her spirit. Dina suffered from severe health issues with her throat due to the stress of this ordeal, stopping her from being able to use her only outlet that she’d ever really known to heal her spirit. Singing.

With the support and motivation of her husband, close family and in the words of Dina, “her relationship with God”, she wouldn’t have been able to fight through the pain. Realizing that the only way out of this was through it. Once again Dina found herself through music, a song she had written to motivate herself & connect with her son. This song reignited the bond a boy should have with his mom.

Like a phoenix from the ashes Dina Hawthorne has risen above some of the most painful life experiences. Just like the title of her New single “Get Up” she has done just that and continued to push through hardships that most people would consider unbearable. More confident and driven than ever, Dina is ready to introduce artistry, the Elijah-Alavi Foundation and healing to the world. She believes her music will heal, uplift, and motivate not only herself but all who listens to it.

World look out and “Get Up” with Dina Hawthorne.


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