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Published on July 23rd, 2020 | by Guest Contributor


Welcome to the Xrossroads – “The Road Less Traveled”


As the summer of 2020 unfolds, it has been exactly 2 years in the making as Xrossroads releases the 2nd offering from the collective known as XrossRoads which comprises of myself – Baby Paul/BpZy representing New York City and Supa Emcee representing Detroit.

Since the inception of their collaborative efforts the goal has been to deliver quality hip-hop music, innovative beats and astute lyricism reflecting their tenure and influences within hip-hop culture having both worked with most of the greats throughout their individual careers – Nas, AZ, Eminem, Pharoahe Monch, Kanye West, Jay DiLLa, others.

“The Road Less Traveled” EP which is the follow up to the 2019 EP release “X Em’ Out” is a more definitive body of work with song material ranging from introspective and emotional to motivational and inspirational – the soundscape transcends genres – soul, r+b, jazz and electronic.

Utilizing live horns, chord progressions, wailing vocal samples, soulful piano keys, and moving bass lines over slapping drum tracks, BpZy showcases how to stay competitive as a music producer in today’s current industry climate while leaving traces of nostalgia from his humble beginnings producing music as a part of “Da Beatminerz” in the 90’s to not lose his core audience.

Supa Emcee proves once again that Detroit lyricists reign supreme in the art of rap, taking his skill set from the freestyle/battle rap perspective and turning it into well crafted song making for this body of work – discussing topics that vary from paying homage to his mentor, the late Proof of D-12 to sharing heart felt relationship woes with a significant other to the struggle of balancing integrity with commerce, and the social injustices that plague modern day society.

Supa Emcee carries the majority of the vocal performances on #TRLT, but allows a few guest features from his Detroit contemporaries to support his vision on a few songs – Guilty Simpson, Ty Farris, Pierre Anthony and guest Dj scratches by Dj LoS (Royce 5’9’s tour Dj).

Last but not least, “The Road Less Traveled” defines the approach XrossRoads has taken to release and market music independently to compete on a mainstream level.


XrossRoads – guest appears on Shade 45 – Supa Emcee Freestyle on “Rap Is Outta Control”

Filmed + Edited by: Sublime Crown Productions

“Rise” from “The Road Less Traveled” EP 

XrossRoads · Rise (feat. Guilty Simpson & Koron)

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