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Published on August 29th, 2020 | by Guest Editor


Indie-Pop Band HATE DRUGS Release New Video


Indie-pop band HATE DRUGS, hailing from Bakersfield, California, have released a music video for their song “Night III (Coming Down).” The track is from HATE DRUGS’ latest EP, Ponderosa, which was released on July 10th. The nostalgic feeling video was shot by HATE DRUGS, directed and edited by Keaton Punch.

The video features mellow film from the band’s visit to the snowy mountains of the Sierra Nevadas, where they wrote their newest EP. The chemistry amongst the group and their shared easygoing, positive vibes are on display as the video clips show the band members passionately creating music and enjoying each other’s company. The beat is a highlight of the video; smooth guitar strumming and peaceful drumming set the laid-back tone. Lyrics such as, “Knowing things are getting better, chasing dreams in warmer weather,” inspire hope in the listener.

Check out the “Night III (Coming Down)” music video below and let HATE DRUGS transfer you an untroubled, optimistic mindset. Keep up with HATE DRUGS and their new releases by following them on Instagram and Twitter @hatedrugs or TheHateDrugs.com.


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