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Published on August 27th, 2020 | by Guest Contributor


JAD3D Enlists Demitri Medina for ‘WAKE UP’ Single

JAD3D has just released a brand new single, “WAKE UP” featuring Demitri Medina.

In this track, JAD3D explores a diverse variety of genres and styles. These include grime, bassline, garage, dubstep, and future bass, among many others. This is a truly contemporary song that refuses to be pigeon-holed. Instead of focusing on one genre, the artists are focused on the meaning, lyrics, and overall vibe of the track. They want to connect with the listener, not worry about which genre they fall in. 

This is the way that a lot of contemporary music is going, and it’s refreshing to hear artists and producers that aren’t bound by a set of strict rules. It’s more freeing and creative, and it’s also much more captivating to listen to. 

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