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Rising DMV Artist Bama Boy Shares His Transition from Alabama to Baltimore, Embracing Creativity , and the Charm City Grind

DMV rapper Bama Boy has been rapping since he was 13 and started taking it more serious in 2018 when meeting his manager Norman “Money” Bechtel aka iAmMoneyMoves.

In 2019, Bama Boy released his first single “Blonde” getting over 20,000 streams in the first week out. On the journey from his hometown in Alabama to the recording studios of Baltimore, MD. Bama Boy has opened for multiple artist such as Cash Money Records artist Caskey and Def Jam Records execs at a showcase. Shortly after coming to Baltimore he released his 2nd single ‘Wildin” Ft. Bandhunta Izzy. Bama has also released in 2020 singles such as “No Collaboration“, “Stank H*e” , and “Trump Supporter”.

Being in Baltimore, Bama Boy has been building up a brand great name for himself booking shows and getting recognized by 92Q DJs, shows, features, and many other local talents.

Hype: Where you from and how’d you first fall in love with hip-hop?

Bama Boy: I’m from Tuscaloosa, Al which is home of the Alabama Crimson Tide Football team. I was born and raised in the south. I bleed Bama.

I fell in love with hip hop from Dr. Suess in the 3rd Grade. I remember it like it was yesterday, Mrs. Johnson, my 3rd grade teacher had the whole class making beats on our desks as we read the Dr. Suess books to the beat and since then I just fell in love with that s**t.

Hype: Who are your musical influences? 

Bama Boy: Kodak Black and Da Baby.

Hype: When did you first discover your passion in hip-hop?

Bama Boy: My Uncle Paul, my mother’s brother loved old school hip hop. That was his era, he always use to bump that wack s**t lol but he would get high af and freestyle to the instrumentals. He used to make me freestyle, yeah I sucked at first but over time after I started I got to spitting to point that he made me rap in front of like seven or eight of his homeboys.

Hype: How’d you get your name Bama Boy?

Bama Boy: No crazy reason at all. I moved from Alabama up north and the name Bama Boy is a stronger name than my previous moniker “Nick Coleman” which is my actual name. So if you are in Maryland and hear anybody say Bama Boy. I’m 1 Million percent sure it’s going to be me they are discussing.

Hype: Was it a big transition moving from Alabama to the DMV (Baltimore) ? 

Bama Boy: The weather, the way people move and talk, also the traffic is crazy. I have to repeat myself 100 times because of my accent and its no southern hospitality whatsoever.

Hype: Explain the music grind of an artist from Baltimore? 

Bama Boy: Like any other upcoming artist trying to figure it all out and learn on the go and just hustling off hope but they grinding like hell though too.

Hype: Does the city have talent? What would it take for them to make a mainstream breakthrough? 

Bama Boy: The city has a lot of talent, a whole bunch of it but Baltimore always gets overlooked because of the big name they have on violence. I really can’t give you an answer on what it would take for them to make a mainstream breakthrough because If I did I would be mainstream right now.

Hype: You dropped your first single “Blonde” last year and you released several singles over the year? What’s your plan and what are you focused on? 

Bama Boy: I get better each and everyday like literally you’ll be amazed on how the brain works. My plan is to just keep dropping heat until I get noticed and I know I will at the rate I’m going. I will be rubbing elbows with QC Pee in no time.

Hype: Tell me about your upcoming project?

Bama Boy: I got a bunch of shit in the vault just ready to be dropped but everything has to be done strategically not too much not to little and on top of that I still got a full-time job and a daughter that I take care. With that pressure I have to take all the right steps.

Hype: What’s the biggest lesson that you’ve learned about being a creative artists? Is it more lyrical or visual? 

Bama Boy: I love this question, it’s no creativity in the rap game anymore. I can pick a video right now with my eyes closed and I bet you some artist is flashing guns, money, or drugs. It’s the same shit, same flow just a different beat nowadays fans care about a rapper’s charges and how much money he flashes. What’s left other than the actual lyrics and songs? Da Baby is big in the game right now because of his creativity. The videos that he shoots with his team are mini movies and they hard. Me, I got both lyrics and visuals. I want you to watch me and then catch my lyrics.

Hype: What separates you from everyone in the game right now? 

Bama Boy: I’m different, I got two ducks, I wear Wrangler jeans and Carhartt. Yeah Lil Nas X got the cowboy image but I ain’t a cowboy with mines. I’m just from the country and I can walk on a stage in front of a million people and be comfortable as hell with Wrangler jeans on. I’m myself, I never try to fit in at all. I don’t 30 n***as in my videos flashing guns, counting money, and doing drugs. I ain’t out here wilding bullsh*tting, clout chasing, and sometimes I think that is what’s f***ing me up because I’m not like these other rapper so it’s 10x harder.

Hype: Who would you like to work with in the future?

Bama Boy: DaBaby for sure, I swear we go on a song and it’s pushed in all the right avenues it’s going to be unstoppable. That one feature will do it for me.

Hype: What’s next for you in 2020-2021?

Bama Boy: I can’t predict the future but I do know that I’ma keep grinding like my teeth hurt for sure.

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