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Published on August 18th, 2020 | by Guest Contributor


Sons of New York – Jesus Was A Person Of Color

Certain moments in history require that we see through different lenses, listen more intently and speak up for what is right. The video Jesus Was A Person Of Color is ripped from the pages of this moment and (spoiler alert) hypothesizes what might happen if Jesus came back today, as an African American man. Would he be a suspect? Would he be stopped and frisked? Would he be handcuffed? Would he be….? The video also expresses a call for racial unity amongst all people. The song takes on the bigotry of America’s religious right, while at the same time elevating Jesus’s message of love, equality and justice. Please watch the video and see for yourself. The reaction on YouTube has been overwhelmingly positive garnering the video a high approval rating and over 727,000 views in 7 weeks. It has touched and moved people of all races, religions and even some agnostics and atheists. Many have been brought to tears, others have expressed gratitude for finally having their voice heard.

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