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Published on September 1st, 2020 | by Bianca Nilsson


Adelaides Most Wholesome Duo “TOWNS” Back With “Boring”

TOWNS have charged into the second half of 2020 with an unbridled energy, unleashing their short, sweet, n’ furious new tune ‘Boring’ into the world. The punchy live favourite comes in at just under two minutes, but is nevertheless jam-packed with a truckload of electricity and charisma that will satiate the appetites of pop, punk, and grunge fans alike.

Frontman Aston Valladares says ‘Boring’ was a happy accident born out of frustration during a writing session. ​“This song came from me literally hitting my guitar out of frustration and boredom – luckily I was holding that opening note and it fell into place from there. Lyrically, ‘Boring’ comes from a place of nostalgia, and a desire for a simpler time. I found it so strange how quickly I became bored as an adult because when I was a kid I found so many uninteresting things interesting. This left me with a desire of wanting to find that again with the way I live now.”


Photograph by Samuel Graves

‘Boring’ arrives following the May release of ‘Stardust’ – a triumphant and welcomed return for the duo, who have had an incredibly fruitful run since the release of their breakout single ‘Safe To Stay’ last year. The single catapulted the band from their humble beginnings in the incredible and evolving Adelaide scene into hearts across the nation, landing rotation on triple j and clocking up almost 400,000 streams on Spotify since release.

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