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Published on September 4th, 2020 | by Guest Contributor


Multi-instrumentalist and Fingerstyle Guitar Virtuoso Jake Allen Announces Single “Rising Tide”

New Album Affirmation Day Due out October 2nd with Six Degrees Records Distribution

The multi-instrumentalist and fingerstyle guitar artist, Jake Allen announces his lead single “Rising Tide” out now. The new single is off the forthcoming album “Affirmation Day,” due out October 2 releasing on his label, Jake Allen Music, and being distributed in conjunction with Six Degrees Records. The new album beautifully captures Allen’s existential thoughts juxtaposed with his transcendent perspectives encased in a blend of prog-pop, folk and alt-rock sensibilities. It is an impressive album with technical guitar stylings under simple melodies and strikingly deep lyricism. Pre-order the new album here: https://jakeallen.bigcartel.com/

Affirmation Day was inspired by Jake Allen’s tour and travels throughout Europe, Russia, China and Japan. During his travels, he was invited to perform as a clinician by his main sponsor, Takamine Guitars. At the end of the trip Allen spent over a month alone and in reflection of his journeys at the a Uzupio Art Incubator in Vilnius, Lithuania, where he wrote the album with just an acoustic guitar and his insidious voice. Allen has exquisitely captured his wanderlust laden travel experiences, honing new musical ideas inspired by his constant new surroundings and circumstances.

Affirmation Day is presented in 12 songs and it takes the listener into a textured introspective journey full of light and dark themes. Similar themes are present in all of his releases but for the new album they are more refined and steadied through the lens of travel and experience. Allen recalls, “Affirmation Day is a deep dive into the dichotomy of just morals values vs the conditions that both individuals and the human race as a whole tend to manifest. Under that umbrella, the album explores themes of what may lie behind the vale of life, feelings of isolation in a world that is seemingly more connected than ever, and the desire to develop compassion amongst these conditions.” It is a testament to Allen’s growth as a person, and as an artist.

Kicking off the album release campaign is the single/music video “Rising Tide,” a song Allen says, “is about the encounters I’ve had throughout my world travels that have shined a light on certain human conditions, and even more so, the American condition. This deeply embedded idea of progress by any means necessary kept bothering me. It’s disappointing to see people out there bulldozing their way to success without thinking about who and what they’re hurting along the way. This song just acknowledges that tendency and tries to be a reminder of its imminent consequences. Everybody has their own rising tides in their lives. Can we catch them before they drown us is real challenge we face.”

Another of the four focus tracks from the upcoming album is “More than Meets The Eye.” It is a look into his transcendent journey, Allen explains, “a lot of the perspective I wrote from has also been shaped by my experiences with ayahuasca and this profoundly palpable connection to an undying source that the medicine reminds you is always there. The new song is inspired by this kind of source behind the curtain.” He continues, “it illustrates the roles we play in life as possibly being a mere single aspect in a much larger cosmic dance.  But if you don’t want to dig that deep, the track can easily be interpreted as just a simple little love song, which I think is a fun thing.”

Jake Allen also explores the theme of death with the new album, as his Uncle passed away shortly before it was written. He recalls, “my reaction to his death sparked the song “Clear.” My former partner, still friend, Sarah Colclasure helped me pen the lyrics for the song via webcam while I was at the incubator. The tune shines a more positive light on the mystery of death.”

Giving the new album more of its trademark sound, Allen invited the 20-year-old world class Memphis violinist Basil Alter to track a consistent layer of crafty string work to most of the songs. Allen recalls the song that brought him to Basil, “I had met Basil while passing through Memphis. At the time I was seeking a violinist in town to track on an early demo of the song “Two Faced.” I was so blown away by his skills during that session that I promised I would bring him back to play on the final tracks down the road. We kept our little pact and after several long days of tracking, Basil had added some magic on the songs that nobody else could have.” The new album was produced at Jake Allen’s studio, Infinite Balance. The initial tracking sessions took place alongside the album’s Nashville based co-producer, Jonathan Russo.

With the release of the “Rising Tide,” Jake Allen is donating 20% of album pre-orders and any sales in his online merch store to the Live Blue Foundation, a group that is actively putting into practice the science behind the benefits water has on emotional wellness. #bluemind

The new album is Allen’s 4th full length studio album, due out on October 2nd!

“Allen, who finger plucks guitars, has this old-soul to him. His voice certainly doesn’t sound old; his vocals are suave and crush worthy.” -No Depression


Track Listing

  1. Affirmation Day
  2. More Than Meets The Eye
  3. Only You
  4. On The Run
  5. Living Ghost
  6. Prague 6
  7. Clear
  8. Rising Tide
  9. Indigo Son
  10. Things We’ll Never Find
  11. Two Faced
  12. I’ll See You On The Other Side


Official Website: www.jakeallenmusic.com

Official Merch Store: www.jakeallen.bigcartel.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jakeallenmusic

Youtube: www.youtube.com/HollowSoundOfMelody

Instagram: www.instagram.com/jake_allen_music

Bandsintown: https://www.bandsintown.com/a/1273694-jake-allen?came_from=257

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