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Published on September 8th, 2020 | by Brittany Burton


Yoson Tala Releases New “Lingo” Single

Yoson Tala has recently released his latest single Lingo. Produced by Malcolm Flex, Lingo is a “fun record with a dance connected for people who like to groove”. Born in Gary, Indiana, Yoson started his rapping career in high school and has since been featured on tv shows like Fox’s Empire and Showtime’s The Chi. As Gary, Indiana is home to the legendary Jacksons, it is safe to say that they have laid the foundation for acts like Tala to shine in the new millennium.

Having found success on television, Tala is ready to show the world how musically talented he truly is. On this new single you will hear the Midwest rapper flowing about having that “lingo” that backs his raw confidence and ways he likes to pleasure the ladies. The smooth beat is literal heaven over Tala’s original vocals. This is by far his most impressive release to date. Tap in with this rising superstar by clicking here to stream his latest “Lingo” release. He is definitely putting on for his city in a major way and is just getting started!

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