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Published on October 30th, 2020 | by Guest Editor


Francis Aud Brings the Dance Party With “Codeine Kiss”

The new single “Codeine Kiss” by funk-pop artist Francis Aud delivers a fun, feel good time, which is sure to get you dancing and grooving right from the start. The NYC native’s influences range from Bruno Mars to James Brown and their lively energy is clearly showcased on this track. Listeners will feel a sense of happiness and joy as they imagine dancing on the beach on a hot summer day. Jam-packed with psychedelic vocals, cheeky guitar, a thumping baseline, and a spicy horn arrangement, “Codeine Kiss” arrives just at the nick of time to fight any quarantine blues.

The single starts off with a catchy hook and production that will have you have you humming along long after you’ve listened. The single then ends with an 80s synthesizer solo that is reminiscent of genres such as electronica and hints of disco. “Codeine Kiss” has lyrics that are little-too-on-the-nose and it adds to the whole groovy listening experience. This track was made to add some groove to your mood and improve your attitude. “Codeine Kiss” is a must add to anyone’s playlist as Francis Aud brilliantly blends the world of pop and funk music perfectly. Visit him at

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