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Published on October 30th, 2020 | by Guest Editor


Genre-fluid musician, 30 Releases Hard-Hitting Album, The Introspects of a Psycho

Passionate singer-songwriter, 30 has released a stunning new album, The Introspects of a Psycho. After releasing singles “Your Skin Crawls” and “Homesick,” 30 is filling in the blanks with his new album’s presentation. Similarities from artists such as Cage the Elephant and The Kooks can be seen in this indie-pop LP, as 30 claims they are major influences on his music. Through a collection of soul-stirring sounds and vivid lyrics, 30 tells a compelling story of two protagonists journeying their way through the messes of life. Some people take prescribed medication to calm anxiety and stress but if I were a doctor I would prescribe 30’s album The Introspects of a Psycho.

Through bold lyrics and exceptional storytelling, The Introspects of a Psycho introduces listeners to the volatile world of two people; the narrator and an unnamed “girl” mentioned throughout the record. This collection dives into the narrator’s psyche, using the stories to inspire themes relevant to current society. The album is intended to be an interactive experience; it urges listeners to reflect and develop their own personal meanings for each track. The album is not in chronological order as the LP is meant to be a snapshot of the relationship between 30 and this “girl.” Which forces listeners to be introspective within themselves by questioning reality and the norms of society and reflect on their current and past relationships. 30’s ability to reference societal norms and explore their impact is one reason why his music is so honest, authentic, thought-provoking, and extremely relevant. The Introspects of a Psycho explores real stories that are often marginalized by pop culture in a fresh way that feels entirely genuine. 30’s newest album Introspects of a Psycho is worth a listen as it is a philosophical exploration of themes that many people encounter throughout their lives.

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