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Published on October 30th, 2020 | by Guest Editor


Lone Kodiak Debut “Bones”

Indie-rock trio Lone Kodiak have released a new single “Bones,” a nostalgic track about love, life, and loss. Produced by Kyle Mangels, the vibrant production filled with an attention-grabbing electric guitar, cinematic drums, and powerful vocals, are reminiscent of the band 1975. An anthem style track that gives you feelings of freedom in a hypnotic state. Yearning for the days that we all remember and love, this track gives us a positive outlook for the future and pushes us to keep moving forward with our head held up high.

“Bones” opens up with reversed airy instrumentation which feels as if you are rewinding through your most impactful life events. The opening then drops and the listener is greeted with a catchy guitar melody and drum sequence which is sure to be replayed in anyone’s head. It is a great song for a warm afternoon Sunday drive to the park or your favorite outside hangout spot. Lyrically, “Bones” prompts listeners to reflect on the finite nature of life and stay grounded in the present moment as lead singer, Dainéal Parker illustrates a vivid message of life’s fleeting moments. With poignant lyrics and layered vocals, it’s clear that Lone Kodiak is making an impact by intimate storytelling sure to bring listeners on an emotional journey. A must add to anyone’s playlist as the new single “Bones” showcases the growth and talent of the dynamic trio and has fans excited for what’s to come. Follow the band at

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