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Published on October 30th, 2020 | by Guest Editor


Samantha Margret Drops Video for “Feminist gf”

Alternative indie singer-songwriter Samantha Margret has released a new music video for her impassioned single, “Feminist gf”. Margret uses her passion for feminist issues along with her melancholic instrumentals and vocals to create an easy to listen to, but poignant track. Although her music is reminiscent of Julia Michaels and Lorde, Margret blends unique production with raw and intimate lyrics creating a fresh, fun, and original style. “Feminist gf” was inspired by a frustrating Zoom meeting with a man who claimed to be a feminist, but his words and actions during the session didn’t demonstrate that. This soulful ballad is meant to convey the power and story of the female voice.

The music video is full of aesthetically, thought-provoking imagery with dark undertones. The San Francisco native bears a gorgeous outfit throughout the video which would be seen within the golden city’s nightlife. There are many enticing shots such as one where she is fiddling with a knife which can symbolize the confidence and empowerment she has for herself.  The final shot shows Margret wrapped within a white veil possibly signifying her being suffocated by ignorant comments from men against feminism. There is a lot to absorb from this video as it is full of diverse imagery which may have alternative connotations. For this reason, the new music video for “Feminist gf” is worth a watch as not only does it have an invigorating message and somber soundscape production but is an in-depth beautifully shot video which has many interpretations. Keep up with Samantha Margret by visiting her website www.SamanthaMargret.com and stream the single HERE. Watch the video below:



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