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Published on November 10th, 2020 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


5 Musicians Immortalized in Casino Games

There is always a lot of cross-pollination between different areas of entertainment and art, whether that might be movies inspired by books or operas re-imagined as abstract paintings.

As such, it is no surprise to see that casino games have also been heavily influenced by other areas of pop culture, whether directly or indirectly.

Here is a look just a few of the musical icons who have had their reputations reinforced even further after featuring in games found on sites like Casumo casino.

Elvis Presley

The King of Rock n’ Roll has featured on everything from wearable merchandise to furniture, and more recently his career achievements and life have been recognized and remembered in at least two slots.

The first, titled Elvis: The King Lives and developed by WMS, features a fantastic soundtrack that is dripping with 50s licks and stings, as well as symbols that are based upon some of Elvis’ most memorable moments, including a suitable amount of hip-thrusting and even a serviceable voiceover impression to announce bonus rounds.

The second, confusingly known as Elvis Lives, is even more closely evocative of his work, featuring official imagery as well as audio that is likely licensed from the great man’s estate directly. This slot is found not only online, but also at land-based casinos, which is definitely in keeping with Elvis’ love of Las Vegas.

Guns N’ Roses

The glitz and glam of the heavy metal lifestyle is a pretty appropriate subject for a casino game, so it is no surprise to see Guns n’ Roses put their name to a video slot.

This is not some half-hearted knock-off, but an officially licensed product which includes official recordings of famous GNR tracks, including the immortal Sweet Child o’ Mine. The symbols are themed around the band’s logo, as well as featuring a few noteworthy members including Axl Rose and Slash. Winning big will also unlock footage pulled from various live appearances over the decades, making this an absolute must-play for fans.

Jimi Hendrix

Following in the footsteps of the GNR slot game, this officially licensed release is immersed in all-things Jimi Hendrix.

From the symbols that feature beautifully illustrated interpretations of classic 1960s iconography including flowers, vinyl LPs and Hendrix himself, to the soundtrack that includes Purple Haze and Voodoo Chile, there is a lot to love about how faithfully this game sticks to its source material.

Developed by the experts at NetEnt, this is also a game which runs surprisingly smoothly in spite of how heavy it is in terms of effects and animations.


It definitely seems like slot players have an affinity for guitar music, as British rockers Motorhead are also among the most famous musicians to ever receive a casino game made in their honor.

With a darker color pallet than many of its counterparts, the backdrop here is a stage crammed with amps, guitars, a drum kit and a flashy lighting rig. The symbols are similarly eye-catching, although it is a slight shame that the soundtrack is not quite up to scratch. Players will have to make do with clips of lead singer Lemmy interspersed with various interactions, rather than getting access to a more fleshed-out aural experience.

Dolly Parton

The first lady of country music has her very own slot game, and it is definitely different to the metal-and-rock themed games we have covered so far, at least from an aesthetic perspective. Pinks, purples and sparkly silvers make the symbols and reels pop, while classics like I Will Always Love You croon out over the top of the action.

In all, you can find a surprising number of casino games with musical inspirations, and the few mentioned here are just the tip of the iceberg, so get searching and see what you can find!


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