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Published on November 18th, 2020 | by Hype S


Kayls “Can’t Go Home Right Now” with New Female-Produced Protest Pop Anthem

Fearless indie songstress Kayls faces the problems of the world head-on in new dark progressive-pop single “Can’t Go Home Right Now”. The intense record, produced by her long-time collaborator Bambor Leany, reflects the chaos of everyday life we’ve begun to face in this country as the world wakes up from a long slumber.  

“I woke up one morning and the place was choked in smoke and I could hear protesting and police sirens. I wanted to write a song recreating this atmosphere,” Kayls explains. “The song is an unsettling dream you fall asleep in and have another even more unsettling dream. That’s the world I saw when I woke up to sirens and everyone protesting for basic human decency.” – Kayls 

The record evokes feelings of both helplessness and power, fierceness and fearfulness. Commanding attention with every beat and phrase, Kayls teamed up with her crew of badass all-female production crew to masterfully capture the tension and myriad of emotions we’re all experiencing in one single song.

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“Can’t Go Home Right Now” is the second single release off of Kayls’ forthcoming debut EP in 2021, following her premiere single release “Bend & Bow”.

Inspired by her grandfather, who performed with Sonny and Cher and opened for Dolly Parton, Kayls left home at 18 as she wandered — trying to discover herself and her music. While staying at her aunt’s Fifth Avenue apartment in Manhattan, a then struggling Kayls was forced to go from room-to-room collecting change for Coinstar to buy Rosè and a subway ticket to a music studio. It was there she realized she was in the wrong city. 

After moving back to Los Angeles, she floated from music session-to-session, buying tracks off the internet and uploading them to SoundCloud. She crossed paths with female producer Bambor Leany, a former Tyson Trax intern, and found her creative counterpart. Together, they have been making songs in what Kayls calls her “Harry Potter closet.” 

Kayls’ voice is like a drop of morning dew caught on a spider web stretching between a Ferrari F8 Tributo and a single desert poppy as weed smoke wafts by and a hundred dollar bill falls onto the concrete and you decide love is an illusion that you want to stay in for one more day. Her producer, Bambor Leany, makes tracks that are like soft serve diamond ice cream pressed into an electric fence surrounding San Quentin prison when it’s raining in autumn and you just dropped your phone but the screen didn’t break and you decide you need to get the hell out of here. 

Listen to “Can’t Go Home Right Now”

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