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Published on November 2nd, 2020 | by Guest Contributor


Raccoon Tour Signs to I Surrender Records

Alternative band Raccoon Tour has today announced their signing to I Surrender Records. Additionally they are re-releasing the band’s music as the Sofarinrunning 7” available on all DSPs now. The vinyl is available for pre-order in the I Surrender Records webstore on limited (500 copies) coke bottle clear vinyl here:


Raccoon Tour is signed to I Surrender Records! I had never considered working with a label until they reached out to me OVER TWO YEARS AGO in August 2018. Since then, we’ve been working together to make Raccoon Tour as good as it could be,” Raccoon Tour shares. “Having I Surrender Records has been integral to the development of this project, and they’ve allowed me to do and imagine things that I didn’t think were possible before. Especially as a 21 year old where I have so much on my plate, it’s been a blessing having them help shoulder a lot of the burden of starting a new music project.”


Raccoon Tour is the musical brainchild of Boise, ID native Nate Burr (aka NateIsLame on Youtube, who has amassed almost 300K subscribers). Combining ukulele-driven, pop-centric melody with ferocious punk and atmospheric shoegaze inspired instrumentation, Burr blends autobiography and the fantastic into a blend of emo introspection and suburban dystopia. The project’s debut single, “Sofarinrunning,” was released in May 2018, along with “Sorry Sarah” on Halloween the same year. A strange and atmospheric version of “Sofarinrunning” was released on Halloween 2019 as well. Their debut album which will be produced by Brett Romnes (The Front Bottoms, I Am The Avalanche, Lincoln) will be released in 2021.


For More Info on Raccoon Tour:







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