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Published on December 3rd, 2020 | by Guest Editor


Brooke Daye Gets Emotional in “EVERYTHING AND NOTHING” Video

Pop artist Brooke Daye is back with a striking new music video for her poignant single, “EVERYTHING AND NOTHING.” The single is from her debut EP, THE NARCISSIST, and explores the heartbreak of breakups and the pain of losing that someone in an instant.

“The video is a literal representation of my world falling apart in an instant after a breakup. From having that person be your everything, to having nothing left of them feels so drastic, and I really wanted to portray that through the video. It shows me trying to hold on to what isn’t there anymore and struggling to come to terms with it.”  – Brooke Daye

The music video, directed by Kiefer Andrews, shows flashbacks of Daye and the sudden moments she feels her partner slip through her fingertips. It depicts the heart-wrenching ups and downs of a relationship and coping with the different stages of a breakup.

The video perfectly captures the realistic roller coaster of emotions of a breakup and is relatable for anyone going through a similar situation. Fans can empathize with the nuanced and emotional struggle of coming to terms with the painful realization of the end of a relationship. Brooke Daye combines her authentic lyricism alongside melancholic imagery in this vulnerable music video, expressing her journey through heartbreak.

Watch the video below and follow Brooke Daye on Instagram.

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