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Published on December 16th, 2020 | by Marilyn Reles


Dynamic R&B/Pop Artist Bree New Moon Embraces The Beauty of Her Journey in Her Debut EP “A Flower Blooms”

Quick off the heels of her beloved hit “Young and Reckless”, Bree New Moon is back with the release of her highly anticipated debut EP “A Flower Blooms”. In a continuation of wildly relatable hits, Bree’s EP provides her audience with a depiction of her journey through adolescence and of course, the blossoming of her musical career. While “Young and Reckless” offered a glimpse into her transition from youth to young adulthood, “A Flower Blooms” gives us the whole story; a decade of growth, struggles and success. Her new works are guaranteed to inspire as she maintains her signature R&B/Pop flair that listeners have grown to know and love.

Bree’s music has received high praises from HBCU GO TV, We Found New Music, Medium Magazine’s ‘Pop Off’ and many more. Her ability to create everything ‘in house’ has been coined by New England Patriot’s hall of famer Willie McGinest as her being a “100 percenter” meaning she writes, produces and performs all of her own work. Musically, her new EP delivers a contemporary R&B sound with youthful pop chords and catchy hooks to create a signature vibe that is uniquely Bree. In songs like “If I Lose It All”, Bree’s wisdom shines as she realizes that if things don’t work out, at least she was spending her time pursuing something…or someone that she loved. In “Yet”, she depicts a past relationship that grappled with the need to communicate as things got more serious than they anticipated. “Empty” is about the fall of that relationship and how a younger Bree dealt with the break up by turning to partying and other unhealthy coping mechanisms for comfort. And “Grown Ups” plays to the overall theme of the EP, an anthem for all the twenty somethings who are ready to celebrate their newfound adulthood.

“”A Flower Blooms” is such a strong representation of my relationship with myself and to the world over the past decade of my life. Some of these songs began taking form 7 years ago while others are only a few months old. It is so liberating to finally be putting out a body of work as a human and an artist who is just starting to get a grip on who I am and who I want to be.” says Bree. When discussing the inspiration behind the EP, she recounts the actual lifespan of a flower, finding symbolism to match her journey. She says that while a flower takes time to grow, it is often only noticed after it blooms, which seems to happen overnight. While the flower is always growing, it starts small, loses a few petals perhaps, grows taller though still indistinguishable until it finally bursts into this beautiful display of color for all to see. In this, she sees distinct parallels to her own life and how while it was a long and winding road, it all seems to have come together in perfect timing.

Bree’s alignment with nature stays true to her passion for the environment. Bree plans to use her platform with music to raise awareness to the causes she holds close, like environmental awareness, equality and access to quality education. Born to a Native American mother and African American father, Bree New Moon is her given name. The name is a perfect fit for her kind and spiritual ethos, humanizing her for fans all over the world who might be able to relate to her journey. Her music’s transparency is refreshing during a time when people crave authenticity. And “A Flower Blooms” does just that; Bree New Moon delivers an honest look into her world in hopes that you’ll invite her into yours.

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